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Friday, March 04, 2005

Non-Press Release Part III - Revenge of of the Non-Press Release

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Heh, I can't seem to leave this Non-Press Release thing alone can I? Well, in reading it, I thought the list of changes made to EQII might be fun to comment on. So, following is the list with my notations.

Greatly increased solo and small group experience rewards - I solo a bit and this is true and very nice
Lots of new armor looks - I can't believe they put this down. The introduction of new armor looks was a disaster. And there are presently only about three or four wizzie robe models so my uber (heh) robe ends up looking the same as the one I had twenty levels ago. By the way, the above picture is SOE hard at work at new armor models.
Two new dungeons available for level 25 to 30 groups - Fine.
A dozen new level 50 epic raid zones have been added, including the Draconic quests - Not there yet so no comment but I hear the post 50 game is weak at the moment.
Eight new instanced dungeons for both soloers and groups - Great idea but very badly implemented. These dungeons are near impossible to find and some of the solo ones have group mobs outside.
More encounters added for soloers and small groups, including advanced solo encounters - Cool idea but I haven't really noticed a difference in the "advanced" encounters.
Tons of new quests, many for solo players - Nice.
Sabotage quests that allow you to strike at your rival city - Seem a bit buggy.
Training spells added as yet another way to personalize your character - Cool.
New examine information added to explain the benefits of spells, arts, food, drink, poisons, and potions - Excellent.
Brawlers get built-in shields - WTF? What does that even mean and why is it a "feature"?
Guild followers can now spend the status they earn at city merchants - Great
Easier to equip rings, wrist items, and weapons - It seems harder to me with the new everythings attunable philosophy but maybe I'm missing something.
Maps now show your current heading - The map interface has been horrible since day one.
Lots of UI tweaks and enhancements - Meh.
Revamped Heroic Opportunities, making them more fun and visually dynamic - Very good. HO's are worth doing now and kind of fun.
Vitality indicator added to your XP bar - Fine I suppose but possibly a bad idea from a psychological standpoint. Sometimes its better not to know. A lot of people also don't realize that vitality is not a new feature, you just didn't see it before.
Tabbed chat windows have been added to organize your conversations - Sweet.
See what your target is attacking with the new Implied Target window - Great.
More precise, informative AC values - Meh.
New heritage quests, including Golden Efreeti Boots and the Crown of King Tranix - Haven't done them yet.
A new con system that allows you to see important information on enemies before you attack - Seems much worse to me but I guess that's open for debate.
Longer durations for short-term group buffs and single-target buffs - Good idea, constant re-buffing makes me feel like I'm spinning plates.
Less fizzles on spells meaning more damage more often - Great.
Shorter timers and fewer restrictions on instanced zones - These shouldn't exist at all.
House pet naming - Patches the cat anyone? Cool idea - now apply it to familiars.
All tradeskill classes can now refine their own materials and components - Not sure how this is going to work out in the long run.
Wizards and Warlocks go nuke happy with more damage - Woot.
Tanks now tank better with increased mitigation - You still have to taunt once in a blue moon my meaty friends.
Easier search abilities so you can find potions, poisons, activated items, and food - Hmm...really?
Even more voiceover available for optional download - Okay.

Perhaps my comments are a bit snarky but remember I do love this game. On the whole I have found SOE to be trying hard and quite responsive so I give them a solid B thus far. That's an honest opinion.

Or, maybe I'm just a bit nuke happy.


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