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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Hero of the World Series and Norrath?

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If you missed the MLB World Series last year, two baseball teams from the east coast of the United States played each other and the one from Boston won. The historic victory was due in part to the (some say overly dramatic) heroics of pitcher Curt Schilling.

Well, Baltimore is currently in first place in the AL East and Schilling is on the disabled list. He is also not too popular in Tampa Bay.

But, is he really having problems with his surgically repaired ankle or does he just want a little more time to finish a few heritage quests? Schilling was sporting an EQII hat at a recent press conference which was shown on ESPN.

Here is the link to a great picture from the Boston Globe. Sigh, I am getting a registration page when I click that link now. If you don't want to register, Kotaku also the has picture up.

It is fairly common knowledge that Schilling was an EQ1 player along with outfielder Doug Glanville. The story really came out when Glanville took Schilling yard twice in one game and later told a reporter that it was "revenge for the death of his beloved dwarf paladin."

There is a thread in the official forums about Schilling.

My favorite quotes so far from the thread:

"With a salary like his, he will pwn the exchange server."

"Look for the toon with a slight limp, a bloody sock, and a REALLY nice ring...."

If nothing else, this is free promotion for SOE. Actually, I suppose they could be paying him - who knows? But even if they are, if you read about the guy you find he truly is into gaming. He is even an owner of a wargame publishing company.

Anyone know of any other "celebrity" EQII players? Is that really Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie duoing wasps in the Enchanted Lands? I hope not.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Curt Schilling is one of the greatest and nicest mmo players I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. When talking with him in game you would never fathom he would be a million dollar pitching machine who supports numerous charities. In fact, every time he throws a strike he donates hudreds of dollars, a real hero of not just sports, but more importantly human kindness. It really was a surreal experience looking back on it now, I used too play alongside him on Al'Kabor. (mac only server) He played there after his stint on Povar.

Anyway, you may be wondering how we met. Basically, I hooked him up with a few items for free, we became somewhat good friends in game and after about a month he told me who he was. I wasn't elated or shocked. In fact, we didn't even really talk about baseball or his fame after thatand he wouldn't boast or brag about who he was.

At that time, I wasn't even a baseball fan. I hadn't watched baseball in years. Funny thing, we would mainly bullshit about EQ, but I know he was amused that how obsessed I was with Everquest and how I could give a shit about anything else, haha. Eventually, being a small community word spread on the server like an intense wildfire that he was playing on the server.

No one really cared at first, but shit did hit the fan and bedlam ensued. Why the debauchery? Well, Smedley the puppeteer had pulled some strings and gave the thumbs up for his monk on Povar too be copied over onto Al'Kabor. Character transfers were specifically forbidden at the time on Al'Kabor, SOE had kept citing server incompatibilities between pc server >> mac server reiterating over and over that it was simply not possible.

Of course, such lies infuriated a handful of Al'Kabor players that had been requesting cross server transfers of their pc characters. You can read the backlash on Al Kabor's server forums if you like. which validates my story. It's all old news, but since were talking about Curt I thought I would chime in.


As for other famous players, Jim Lee of X-Men fame played EQ1.


6:10 AM  
Blogger Aggro Me said...

Thanks for the awesome story, Krones, good to hear he is a great guy. I root for him sometimes because I hate the Yankees and now I have a more valid reason to do so. Thanks for the link to the forum drama, as well, interesting stuff that I never knew about.

As for celebrities, the only one besides your mention of Jim Lee I've seen is Heather Graham who said in an interview she "might" play EQII as a "magician" when it came out. That was probably pr fluff though.

On an unrelated topic the latest post on your website was definitely worth the wait. I laughed so hard I had a heart attack and died and am now writing this as a zombie. I urge everyone to go check it out: Tifa's watermelons, sex with lawn gnomes and urinating on Steve Wynn's new hotel - and that's only in the preamble. Seriously - great stuff.

I really thought you were kidding about that poll screenshot until I saw the thread on the forums. Unbelievable.

11:16 AM  

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