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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

In Character

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When I first decided to start this blog the thought crossed my mind to write it "in-character" as opposed to as a commentator.

If you don't get what I'm talking about, a typical entry written in an "in-character" format would be something like this:

April 19th, The Temple of Cazic Thule

We're deep in the ruined temple of Cazic-Thule, so deep I can barely remember my name, let alone what sunlight feels like. We have just slaughtered a group of stone-spear toting lizardmen and I pause to wipe the gore and ichor from my face and hair.

Ah, what's the point, I think. There's only more coming.

I hear the rousing fire of bardic tunes and know my compatriots have already engaged the next batch of the ever-flowing enemy.

But I've fallen behind and from a side passage a spear whistles past my head. Three lizards surround me and they're not here to compliment me on my choice of robe. My group is too far ahead to see me and a lump of heavy fear grows in my chest. My control over the elements means nothing with a spear in my throat.

They attack. I do all I can, summoning a thin ward of frost to protect me. It buys me a second of time but the bezerking lizards crack through it with an otherworldly power.

Well, I think, I had a good run. From a clueless refugee to a fearless adventurer. I could have lived an ordinary life, serving ale and counting coppers. I chose the path of glory and I die here and now in this temple forsaken by the gods. Well, at least those gods who are on my side. The gods the lizards intend to sacrifice me to are another matter entirely.

As my high elf heritage demands, I straighten my back and prepare to die nobly.

As I take my last breath, a great wolf bounds into my field of vision. A swirl of leaves surrounds me and I can feel the damp, heavy power of the ancient forest restoring me to health. Warded by the warden, the fear inside me melts into a kernel of hope.

I hear a hoarse battle shout and it sounds like the sweetest melody ever sung. Ebon flashes as our ogre guardian calls to the primal nature of the lizards around me, drawing them instead to himself. He laughs as he easily withstands the punishment that would have killed me in seconds.

It's payback time. With their attention off me I wave my hands, the ancient power of my sai and the Stein of Moggok radiating in the dim corridor. The elements are my bitch, and I mean to make them dance tonight. A ball of fire blasts one lizard, an ice spear fells another. Breathing a prayer of thanks to Westfend, whoever he may be, I ready a third spell. Immolation. The final lizard shrugs it off, the damage is slight. But I am already checking my gear and relaxing, knowing, as he doesn't, that the battle is over and done. The spell grows and grows wracking him with flame until his very dust sizzles into oblivion.

"Thanks for the save," I say. But the next battle has already been joined.

Well, I'm glad I chose to take the path of a commentator as I feel it fills a gap in EQII coverage that the more commercial sites miss. And I do mix in some of my personal game experiences from time to time.

But, if you're looking for a more in-game style blog feel free to check out EQ2Blogs. Most of these blogs are written in an in-character style.

You kind of have to click blindly from the Member List page and hope for the best. I would recommend that they be organized by number of updates rather than alphabetically. By far the most entertaining one I've found is Borr the Troll who writes in poetic style and includes screenshots. Some other okay ones are Bush, Quint, and Tulwen. But poke around yourself.

I should warn you that the site does have some advertisements but they are relatively unobtrusive google adwords.

Perhaps someday I'll share some more in-game tales. They usually involve me getting aggro.


Anonymous Eberan said...

Hiya, having read your blog for a while, I just stumbled over the EQ2Blogs link today.

So I started a blog there, to try and give people an idea about the reality of the high end game in Everquest 2.

Got the first 2 posts up today, hopefully I'll have enough time to do a few posts every week.

http://www.eq2blogs.com/Blogs/Splitpaw/Eberan.aspx if you want to have a look :)

7:01 AM  
Blogger Phoibos said...

Since you mention EQ2Blogs and in character writing, I'll mention my own "Flutterfoot's Flights of Fancy" page. My guild leader encourages us to write about our adventures, and so far mine have gotten decent reviews.

I love your articles, and am glad you write them. Go ahead and post more in character writings, too. That was a fun read.

8:56 AM  
Blogger Mr.X said...

And then there are those who don't really have a commentary site, nor write everything in-character, but still describe their happenings in the Everquest gameworld.

Oh, wait, I'm the only one I know of who does that.

My character journal

1:09 PM  
Blogger Aggro Me said...

Thanks for the comments. I enjoyed all three of your sites and will continue to keep an eye on them!

1:36 PM  

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