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Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Numbers Game

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Everyone likes rankings: the Top 50 songs, the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the top ten worst ideas for a top ten list.

Do you rank your friends and family on a complex chart of loyalty, intelligence and Damage Per Second? Do you often wonder where you fit in on the grand scheme of things?

Well, then check out
eq2.mmorpgstats.com for all your ranking and charting needs.

The site provides rankings based on server, race, and class. Yes, this site will let you know that you are indeed the seventeenth highest Ratonga Warlock on your server. Congratulations.

You can also see guild rankings based on a number of factors, including guild level, which is a refreshing change from the official rankings.

What I really like is that in addition to the rankings, you can create charts of the total number of players on each server based on class and race. Dark Elves are apparently popular on all servers. Must be the embracing Hate and all that. Or maybe the ears. There are also apparently a lot of Guardians and Templars. And you always say you can never find a tank or a healer!

What I find useful is that you can see the race breakdown for each class. Say you are thinking of playing a monk but you are wondering what races are popular options. This site will let you see that Kerra is a popular choice and Erudite, well, not so much. Whether you want to follow the crowd or set off on your own path, this gives you the knowledge to do so.

A note: The site is a work in progress and your server may not be included yet (mine isn't). It also only parses data for those above level 20. There are currently no ads and the interface is easy to use. You can read the creator's thread on the official forums

Well, you better hurry up and log in...those sixteen Ratonga Warlocks ahead of you are probably already leveling like mad!