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Friday, April 08, 2005

Hmm...I'm Killing Dragons on Tuesday, How's Wednesday for You?

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Ole Bald Angus the Monk has a typically funny and insightful article up concerning, amongst other things, the positives and negatives (well mainly negatives) of being in a guild.

"You can't even meet people in-game anymore, unless they've made a new un-tagged guy to get away from their stifling little guild and actually go out and see the world and meet the people innit."

Well, I like my guild but let's say you decide you are going to be unguilded. But let's also say you are still dead set on doing raids or at least dead set on getting the "magic blue shoes" that drop from them. Is there a solution? Maybe, with the help of a nifty new website.

It's called
EQ2Raid.net and it's basically an online calendar separated by server. Let's say you have a character on the Guk server and you want to get a group together to do a raid or a quest on a specific day. Simply post the information and hopefully people will sign up. Or you can search for an event and sign up yourself.

The site unfortunately makes you sign up before you can search for events but it's relatively painless. They don't appear to have any advertisements at present but I used a semi-disposable e-mail address anyway.

There are apparently 1,200 users signed up already although there was only one event posted for my server. I did find some more events on other servers though, along with some pretty funny joke entries like the "Camping the Login Screen Event." There are now forums as well.

Angus has some better solutions to the problem later on in his article but for now maybe this site is a step in a positive direction. It would be really great if SOE took a similar calendar and put it in-game. I'm sure that would get a great deal more people involved and would be very convenient. Stick it right on the mailbox so when you're in town you can check your mail and sign up for a raid later in the night.

"Sorry, Aunt Betty, we're raiding Deathfist Citadel on Wednesday! You should have booked your birthday earlier..."


Anonymous fxhawaii said...

It won't have effect in actual fact, that's what I suppose.

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