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Friday, April 01, 2005

Friday Humor: R.I.P. Patches

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The official EQII forums can often be a bit much to take. As a friend recently put it, they are like a "really nasty fight with the readers voyeuristically and vicariously urging the combatants to more and more foul combat." And that's just the regular forums...try checking out the Glass House.

But, occasionally they are useful (as when they helped me speed up my return to Nek Castle). And once in a long while, something comes along that unites the entire community.

Ah, Patches. We hardly knew you yet you brought us such joy.

If you don't know what I'm referring to, Patches was a Freeport bought house cat whose owner, Kursa, fed him just a little too much pepper. I'll let you read the rest for yourself. Many thanks to the person who archived this thread - it was from the beta portion of EQ II and has long since been deleted.

In the thread, Patches inspired poetry, song, artwork and even mini-plays.

If you still need more Patches after reading that entire thread check out this thread from the Druid's Grove forums proclaiming an official Patches remembrance week.

And could it be that the ghost of Patches still roams Norrath? Check out this report.

So raise a glass of Tunare's Finest to Patches and to the day the forums put aside their petty bickering to honor a true champion!


Blogger Jon said...


I remember reading the boards (not during beta - I wasnt in it) and hearing about this "patches" stuff. No one had the copies posted anywhere (or could host it aparently) but a few had backed up copies of the thread. I voluntered, got the backups and posted them. Since them my server has been getting pounded every day for people who want a good laugh.

The first time I read that thread after I posted it... well... I was laughing so hard I cried - for a good while. Even today I'll go back and read the thread for kicks.


12:58 AM  

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