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Saturday, March 19, 2005

It's About Time

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Well, I haven't found much in the latest EQII news to blog about. They made the big announcement about the in-game mail system but, hey, I told you about that last week before it was official. Okay, I didn't know it would have the uber-clever name Norrathian Express, but still. Then there's the latest patch on test which tradeskillers seem interested in. Yawn.

I usually look forward to the
EQ2 Stratics Q & A with the devs but this installment was just more PR fluff for the adventure pack which, again, I already covered. The nadir was reached when "motivez" inquired, "About how much will it cost?" Wow, take it easy "motivez" - stop hammering the poor devs with your tough, hard-hitting questions. I mean, we wouldn't want you to have to check the website or anything.

But then, in the very last question of EQII Vault's
"Ask SOE #33", Moorgard broke the big one - Offline Selling. It's not coming for a while, and it's coming in phases, but it is coming. Phase I will allow you to sell items in your house vault even if your off adventuring or even, I suppose, cybering. Phase II will allow you to sell items in your house vault even if you are, gasp, offline.

I was honestly shocked when I first realized I would have to remain online in my apartment to sell goods. I just figured that some form of offline selling was just an obvious part of any new MMORPG and it seemed like EQII had taken a giant step backwards in this regard. I came to regret for the first time the blue LED's on my computer case as I left my poor adventure alone in an inn room all night only to discover in the morning I had been booted from the server. I bought gigantic boxes to stow the ever growing stash in my bank.

Now I know some people say this may destroy the economy. I'm not going to pretend I understand enough economics (try
terranova - they're smart) to comment on this. But, just because something causes problems doesn't mean you cut it out. Instead, you fix it. City of Heroes chose to deal with economy problems by basically not having an economy and I feel the game suffers for it. Offline selling will be expected in future MMORPG's so SOE better find a way to deal with it now. Basically, it's about time - offline selling allows me more time to enjoy the game (and real life).

This news has one unintended consequence. I will have to stop living as a virtual
hobo. You see, I hate to admit it but I actually don't have a home. That's right, I purchase an inn room when I want to sell and then hightail it into the night before the upkeep is due. Rinse, repeat. I have no trouble blowing a plat on a spell upgrade (for maximum nukage) but I hate paying 5 silver for that dingy inn room. But now that I need access to the house vault, I will be in need a residence.

Ah well, change is good, especially when it's the change I'm making selling my loot.


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