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Friday, March 11, 2005

Forget Half-Life 3 - I've Got the New Emily Dickinson Game!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

For this year's Game Designer Challenge, Clint Hocking, Peter Molyneux and Will Wright were challenged to create ideas for games based on the poetry of Emily Dickinson (both slashdot and gamespy have articles about it).

Clint Hocking's idea (utilizing the Nintendo DS) would allow you to pick up certain symbols or concepts as you follow Emily throughout her day. You would then connect these symbols at the end of the day to create a poem.

Molyneux, according to Gamespy at least, disapointed (
again?). He used a demo he had been working on for other uses to show how you could manipulate objects related to ideas from Dickinson's poetry.

Will Wright stuck to humor, describing an Emily Dickinson you could plug in to your USB port. She would communicate with you in a number of ways and change her behavior depending on how you interacted with her. She could also interact with other famous figures if you plugged them in as well.

Will Wright owned the competition for the second year in a row.

My idea (MMORPG based of course)?

PoetWars - Coming Soon. Level up your poet by questing for lost ancient sonnets! Raise your skill in such fields as Rhyming & Metaphors! Challenge other poets in verbal duels! Seek to woo noble lord or lady NPC's with a variety of actions such as "Recite Couplet" or "Sigh Pensively!" Gain Phat Loot like the "Quill of Fluidity" and the "Doublet of Onomatopoeia!"

Okay game companies, I'm listening...serious offers only please.


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