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Friday, March 11, 2005

Friday Humor: Belan the Noble Looter

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Well, Friday is always the best day of the week (unless your work week starts on Saturday I suppose) so I will attempt to spread the cheer every Friday by making sure to post a MMORPG related link I find humorous.

To start it off we're going to get slightly old school by going back to the golden days of
Ultima Online in the 2000-2001 period. I've probably reread this entire site three times and it always makes me laugh.

I'm referring of course to the rousing exploits of
Belan the Noble Looter!

How can looting be noble you ask? Well, when you have a
written sell back policy and a standing offer to rez and gate your lootees of course! Why, at times, Belan even offers to let you win back your loot by gambling on walrus fights.

With all that looting it's not surprising that Belan has garnered a
nemesis as well as an imitator. Guilds have invited Belan to join even though she always makes sure first that the guild rules allow the killing and looting of other members.

While looting is her main interest, Belan has, at times, played the role of a
pirate, a general, a polar bear tamer and a rampaging killer. My personal favorite is when she ran her own event.

What makes these stories all the funnier is that Belan always roleplays, and the more she roleplays the madder people get.

Going from reading about the wilds of UO to playing in the "secure" (and some might say overly sanitized) lands of EQII is a stark contrast.

While I've been talking about UO like it is ancient history, I should note that it is actually still an ongoing game with a
recently released expansion.

So remember the farewell words of Belan the Noble Looter, "In the end though, everyone gets looted. The rich, the poor, the poor looters who get rich.. The great leveler takes us all...Looted by the grandmaster, he who is known to all.. eBay."