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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Daytrip to Mordor

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Well, the SOE PR machine is working overtime to push their Adventure Pack as FileFront brings us a special look inside the SOE offices.

The article is the usual fluff piece about creative spirit and how all the parts of the team come together. However, I did find some of the
pictures quite entertaining and informative. It appears the EQII team really enjoys Red Bull and sacrifices EQII collectibles to the Tiki Gods. They are also apparently the first people on the planet outside of a college dorm to discover Rasterbater and think it is ever so amusing.

The only thing that caught my eye in the article is the quote, "He said that because they are continually trying to add new content for the 20-30 level players every few weeks, the same amount of stress still applies." So, if you're not in that level range, don't worry about new content, kids.

There is a
Part II to the article which focuses on Bloodlines. Again, there is no real mention of anything interesting outside of the ever exciting "destructible enviroments." Ah, but wait - you can soon expect the uber-est guild on your server to be even more uber because the first guild to slay some raid mob will get a "special aura that others will be able to notice wherever they go in the world of Norrath."

Oh, I can't wait for that.


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