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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Vampire the Masquerade - Everquest

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Well the devs have made it quite clear that the teams that work on "Adventure Packs" are separate from other teams. Which raises the question - did SOE make the team that worked on "Bloodline Chronicles" read Anne Rice novels, dress like Goths and watch Blade III? I guess they figured they had ripped off every idea in the high fantasy playbook so it was time to move on to a different genre. Be ready for future Adventure Packs like "Halfling Holmes and Dr. Woodelf's Magical Mystery," "Star Elves - Return of the Frogloks," and "Hello Kitty - the Patches Chronicles."

For those who don't know, Adventure Packs are kind of miniature, optional expansions. This one costs $4.99 (free with Station Access). Now, there's enough back and forth on the forums about whether or not SOE is greedy for charging for this that I don't need to discuss it here. I frankly don't find it that interesting. I scoured the info and the only actual gameplay element I really identified was the introduction of "destructible walls." Wow, how fascinating. Is this EQII or Duke Nukem? There has been some
vague mention of new spells but I'm not sure how these will actually be introduced.

One thing I do find interesting is that those who order the pack receive equipment, namely a ring (it's nice but not uber). Now, what if SOE introduced an Adventure Pack with very little content but a great piece of equipment. Then, how would paying cash for equipment be any different than what is done on the secondary market or in
Project Entropia?

Well, in any case, check out the movie on the
Bloodlines site. Although it doesn't seem to introduce anything of interest, it does look pretty. Of course don't expect your actual EQII display to look anything like that (see this thread for details).

I will be sure to update you when I actually check out the new content. Oh, is it too late to start an alt named Buffy?


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