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Monday, March 07, 2005

I'd Rather Pull Venekor than Leonard J. Crabs

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If you clicked all the links in my last post then you ran across the website Something Awful. Known not only for its great frontpage updates but amazingly funny forums (if you are not easily offended), Something Awful recently had a run in with the company which is producing Mourning, the upcoming MMORPG.

Now, Mourning has some interesting concepts. The most interesting is that any character eventually dies a permanent death. Before this occurs you can pass down some of your character's abilities by mating with another character to produce a new, playable character. Interesting concepts - but what I've seen and heard so far of the actual game has left me unimpressed.

In any case, the company that is producing Mourning reacted to Something Awful's humorous preview of their game with threats of lawsuit (ensuring that I for one will never play their game). SA responded in kind by awakening the legal fury of the great Leonard J. Crabs.

My favorite quote from the article: "He additionally instructed me to tell you that his suit "adds +3 to his INT..." I am not exactly sure what an INT is, but I assume it's something completely awesome like your game about elves and kings and enchanted bras and whatnot."

Much like the Ceciliantas story, this one has a surprise ending as well.

If SA's sense of humor appeals to you, I advise you to poke around a bit more. There are several MMORPG articles such as:

The Hulkamaniac gets hit with the "Encrustment" spell in EQII

A look at the best of the best in WOW forum posts

Koffi Anan and Terra World Online

You may even want to consider registering for the forums. Even though I only lurk, it's seriously the best ten dollars I've ever spent.

Just make sure you don't raise the legal ire of Leonard J. Crabs, Esq.


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