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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

This Couch May Save Your Love Life

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Have you tried Viagra or Levitra to increase your "vitality?" Well, you may actually be sitting on the answer to your problems. That's right. Your couch, chair, or other piece of furniture may be used to increase your vitality.

At least in EQII. In a recent interview with EQII Vault, Moorgard stated that a system is being planned in which a well-furnished home "will provide tangible benefits, such as enhanced regeneration of Vitality."

Since vitality increases the amount of xp gained in EQII and most "power" players usually have somewhere between .5 and zero percent vitality, such furniture is sure to be a hot commodity. I just hope SOE is aware that any system where gold is basically being exchanged for xp is sure to be the target of exploiters.

But for now, better befriend that furniture tradeskiller you've been laughing at. That couch they are making just might put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step.

Heck, my talking Antonia Bayle statue has that effect on me and SOE hasn't even implemented the change yet.


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