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Monday, March 14, 2005

Moorgard Aggros Bloggers

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I've always been a fan of EQII's Community Manager Moorgard. I mean seriously, anyone who takes the time to write a 10 paragraph response to a thread with the original title of "My I'm Leaving Thread" deserves an A+ for effort in my book.

However, in his post entitled "On Returning" he manages to irritate me. The post announces a new board where Moorgard will discuss random topics in a kind of freeform atmosphere. Sounds like a pretty good idea and I'm looking forward to it.

Still, he finds it necessary to take a shot at blogs in the section of his post aptly entitled "This is Not a Blog." He makes sure to state that his new board will not be a blog. He informs us that, "Nobody is that interested in what you ate for breakfast or how many fire hydrants your poodle visited on this morning's walk." Okay fair enough.

I refer to this web site as a blog because:

A. It is created using Google's Blogger.

B. The posts (or articles) I write appear in an order which is based upon the date I write them.

No one who reads this blog can safely say whether I am even a man or a woman, let alone what I ate for breakfast. It is a web site about Everquest II news and humor with some other MMORPG stuff from time to time.

Moorgard, on the other hand, in only his initial post, fills us in on his college major, his fascination with Star Trek message boards, the names of two of his friends and the path he took to his current job.

So save it.

"I'm writing," writes Moorgard. News flash, Moorgard - anyone who actually writes "(*giggle*)" is not writing, they are just being (*annoying*).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's funny he moderates the replies on his blog before they'll hit the internet.

I was wondering the same thing about why he'd hate blogs that talk about dogs and other boring details when some of that stuff is a pure ramble too.

Anyway, reading it just makes me thirty. It's like eating dry pretzels waiting for the dip and beer to come out of the kitchen. You know it's in there, but someone is just not serving it up.

5:04 AM  
Anonymous pathrecords said...

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