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Friday, March 11, 2005

Reward for Guild Level 30 = Disapointment

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Congratulations to Guild Bane on the Blackburrow Server for going through what must have been a horrific writ grind to become the first guild (to my knowledge) to reach level 30.

Keldoth from Guild Bane kindly took the time to post information about Guild Level 30
in this thread.

The rewards: No new raids, no speaking to Lucan, no entrance to any new zones, no further experience gain possible. But, hey, you do get the option to purchase a sweet painting of a drunken halfling, some saucy formal wear (pictured above) or a cool nobility title. If you have 750,000 status points and 66 plat you could also get a horse of some kind. And hey, if you have 4 million status points laying around, a five room mansion could be yours!

On the whole, Keldoth seemed pretty disapointed with the results of all that hard work.

The thing that surprised me the most is that if you had asked me to bet on how the famous Frogloks were going to be unlocked in this game (remember it is a server-wide unlocking only) I would have bet pretty big money that it was related to a level 30 guild raid. Looks I was wrong.

To be fair, I’ll give it some more time and hopefully Keldoth will continue to update us on any new developments.

As for me, I better get going – I’ve got some writs to do! Until I get that halfling painting my life is pretty much meaningless…


Anonymous Ddrak said...

There may be something interesting after all:

Check this out.

Provisioner/Inquisitor of Bane

4:40 AM  
Anonymous cornerofhope said...

I suppose every person must read it.

7:05 AM  

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