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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Reached Level 50? Start Over

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SOE recently announced that all players will receive 2 additional character slots. Well, maybe it's the roughly 5.3 million banner adds for "Free I-Pods" I see on the internet every day, but I have learned never to trust anything free.

So, I read the press release with a cynical eye. "Seeing the game through the eyes of a wood elf Paladin who lives in Qeynos is a lot different than playing as an ogre Coercer from Freeport." If you read between the lines, you get: Listen, we know some of you are at level 50. So instead of
bugging us for more content, start over as a different class.

But still, it's a plus for those who like to have tradeskill or merchant alts or even, perhaps, those who have
worn out their welcome on a particular server. This makes for a total of six character slots, ten if you are a Station Access subscriber.

Of course, City of Heroes allows for
88 character slots, but, hey, who's counting?


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