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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

You've Got Mail!

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It is not my intention to constantly provide lists of patch notes on this site, as there are plenty of other sites which do that. This is especially true when the partial list for the next live update is as boring as this. I mean, there might be some fun to be had with the "house kick" command but that's about it.

However, an interesting feature which did not yet make it to the test servers but is intended to be part of the next live update is in-game mail. Moorgard
took the time to reply to this issue in a EQ2Vault thread (I give him credit for effort once again). He states that "in-game email will indeed be part of this update when the rest of it goes to Test server."

This will certainly make it easier to stay in touch with in-game friends and set up guild events. Rumor has it that items and coin may also be sent through the mail system, a handy feature.

However, it made me wonder...is EQII safe from spam? Can we expect e-mails like:

Get an ABSOLUTELY FREE Palladium Torque! That's right FREE! Simply get five of your guildmates to sign up at...

See Antonia Bayle like you've never seen her before! You may want to cast Freezing Wind before you click on the following link because it is just TOO HOT!!!

Are you built like an Ogre with the equipment of a Gnome? Our natural herbal supplements can help!

I'm kidding, of course, but the scary thing is I'm probably not far off the mark.


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