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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Where Can I Find A MMORPG that Will Let Me Play as a Hobo?

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All my life I've dreamed of riding the rails, sleeping under the stars, leaving cryptic hobo signs and perhaps even having a hobo dog to keep me company.

Well, now my dream can come true, at least in a MMORPG. I was casually reading
Stratics when my pulse suddenly quickened. They were breaking the exclusive and groundbreaking story we've all been waiting for! The title of 404gaming's upcoming hip-hop MMORPG is (drum roll)....Hip-Hop Legends!

I was instantly intrigued. I shot over to
404gaming's webpage for more information. Unfortunately, part of the allure of 404gaming's web design is its mysterious nature. I clicked on Media to find: "Gameplay --- coming soon. Rewards --- coming soon. Massive --- coming soon. Wallpapers --- coming soon." Under Trailers I found "E3...E3...E3..." Well, a challenge, eh? Luckily for me, there was one entire item in the news section, an interview. I jumped on it.

Finally, some details. Please, won't you give me an idea of the playable characters for this hip-hop MMORPG? "We will be focusing on the exciting, dangerous, and entertaining aspects of the following professions: DJ; Rapper; B-Boy; Car Customizer; Clothing Designer; Basketball Player; Hustler; Gambler; Interior Designer; Cop; Doctor; Lawyer; Bail Bondsman; Street Racer; Pilot; Hobo."

Man, I'm torn. The Hobo life is for me but the true essence of hip-hop is the dangerous and exciting career of the Interior Designer! What do I do?

If I play as a Lawyer do I get to review virtual documents and file long virtual briefs? Can I
represent NCSoft? Word.

Can I combine classes and play as Hobo Clothing Designer with a Gambling problem?

If I'm giving 404gaming a hard time, it's partly because the names of Jam Master Jay and Biggie Smalls are somehow associated with this game. I know Jam Master Jay had a positive influence on many people and Biggie was one of the greatest talents in hip-hop so I would hate to see their names be attached to a poorly planned and badly executed MMORPG.

However, I do always appreciate innovation and 404gaming has some nice ideas. I like the idea of actual real world DJ's appearing in in-game clubs to control the music. I believe we will see more of this type of thing in the future. EQII's use of celebrity voiceovers is something of a step in this direction (though I sometimes think it would be easier to get to meet the real life Heather Graham than it is to get an audience with Antonia Bayle).

Well, I'll be following the progress of Hip-Hop Legends closely. Until then you can find me at one of these
Hobo Gatherings, leveling up my freight hopping skills.


Anonymous free mmorpg said...

Hip-Hop Legends is very cool

6:01 PM  
Anonymous jermaine said...

Is Hip-Hop Legends still coming out? Does 404 Gaming still exist? My buddy has been telling me about some new game coming out called Fantasy Hip Hop RPG — is that the same thing?

9:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:38 AM  

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