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Friday, March 18, 2005

Friday Humor: Go-Go Good Team!

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Well, as I posted last Friday, I will try to always bring you a humorous link on this most glorious of days.

For this week we are going to Everquest, more specifically to the Sullon Zek server.

It was a lawless, dark and deadly place where evil reigned supreme. But even in the greatest darkness, sometimes a light can arise. And with that light comes a hero...

That hero was
Fansy the Famous Bard!

From his first words Fansy won my heart:

"You say out of character, 'look out a train of monsters! AAAH
You say out of character, 'like a normal train but with monsters!'
You say out of character, 'instead of engines, cars, cabooses, etc."

Relying only on the protection of Mithaniel Marr, Fansy bravely dared to fight the "evil team." Well, he had the help, I suppose of a large number of his Sand Giant friends even if they "accidentally" stepped on him from time to time. Fansy even "found the end" to Everquest and won the game! Eventually, the server with no rules made an exception and made rules to prevent Fansy from helping the good guys out.

Fansy's replies to his detractors are consistently hilarious.

He is apparently associated with the
Flowers of Happiness PVP guild. Their website has some funny WOW stuff.

Try to enjoy Fansy the Famous Bard and not judge him. As he would say: "'SIR THIS IS MY PROFESSION, I DON'T JUDGE YOUR PUMA KILLING SKILLS'


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