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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Cribs - EQ II Style

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Well, I received a few e-mails mocking my copper-pinching hobo lifestyle so I decided to see how the other half lives. Yes, come with me now on a journey to the classy realm of those folks who have actual residences!

Okay, I thought I was styling with the free table, painting and chandelier I got but apparently there is a
whole lot of furniture available!

You too can get a great night's sleep on the aptly named
Dirty Bedroll. Have some pretty spring daisies you need a place for? Just stick them in a A Lucanic Vase of Emnity. Bored? Why not get a Ruubika's Cryptic Cube? Wait, the people who make Rubik's Cubes just called - they're suing. Anyway, moving on, why not make your inn room look like SOE's offices and get a Tiki Statue? A painting with a pleasant subject can always brighten an abode - how about this cheery piece entitled "Remains of Honor"? Oh, sorry, no you can't have that one of the drunken halfling - you need guild level 30 for that.

Are you as tired of your useless familiar as I am? How about an equally useless pet to make that house a home! I'm going for the
Commonlands Gobbler myself. It's like dual-wielding: a pet and a meal.

Thanks to
EQII Knowledge Base for the great picture database.

Many players have done some absolutely amazing things with their residences. For a ton of screenshots worthy of MTV acclaim check out
this thread. I really enjoy those that went with a strong theme. This thread has shots of an excellent temple-like home and this place is a regular tavern. This manor house looks more like an adventure zone than a residence.

If you are curious about housing costs,
this is a good place to start. Remember, as well, that certain furniture reduces upkeep and may someday even increase vitality.

A final housing tip: you can now display heritage items in your home. Oh, you sold them to a vendor already, eh?

Welcome to my life.


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