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Friday, April 08, 2005

Leveling Up

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Much thanks to Everquest II Community Relations Manager Blackguard. In one day, he, on the basis of one PM from me, took the time to check out my site, reply to me and forward it to the people who handle the news section.

Here is the link to the news item on the official site. Hmm, linking in my blog to a link about it. That's kind of meta-referential or something. I'll just pretend it's "New Games Journalism" and call it a day.

Well, my site visits graph for Aggro Me has gone from a straight horizontal line to a straight horizontal line that intersects with a straight vertical line. I take that to mean I have a lot of visitors.

So take a look around, stay as long as you like and come back regularly. I update quite often. The recent posts focus mainly on Live Update 6 but if you scroll down a little you'll find everything from Frogloks to MMORPG dating sites.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank to those brave adventurers who have visited my site on a daily basis since day one. Of course thanks as well to my in-game friends Aly and Chay who helped me get started and to Hero, the coolest guild on the Steamfont server. I wouldn’t be playing without you all.

And for those who think I kissed up to the devs in this entry, you can always check out this post I did a while back and you'll feel a bit better.

Glad to have you all around - reminds me of aggroing a large group of mobs, but in a good way.


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