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Friday, April 01, 2005

Breaking News! Everquest II going PvP!

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If you haven't heard the major announcement from SOE this morning, it appears Everquest II is going to be entering the PvP Arena. And not just entering it but, as one of the Devs said in an interview, "You thought 'God of War' or 'Grand Theft Auto' was violent? Wait until you see the new Everquest II patch! You can chop off other players' body parts and much much more!"

I advise you to finish up any quests you are working on tonight before the new patch hits as devs say quests will no longer be part of the game. "What's the point of running around delivering letters or dead rats or something like an errand boy? We think the players will have much more fun engaging in bloody arena combat!"

The vitality meter will be replaced by a stat called "Bloodlust" which represents your character's craving to shed the blood of his or her enemies.

You can also forget about those silly spells that summon snacks or cats or whatever. There will instead be a revamping of the combat system. SOE gives some examples of the new combat arts such as "Blood Geyser" which allows you to stab someone and then blind other opponents with the blood spraying out of the stab wound.

You can find the whole story by following this link.

Oh, and happy April Fool's day.


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