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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Guide Me

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

In the upcoming movie, The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy - oops, wait, that's the wrong guide.

The guide I'm talking about is a person who volunteers to help his or her fellow residents of Norrath.

Do you refer to your co-workers as "young padawan?" Do you like being called "Sensei"?

Then maybe you should check out this thread for links and information on the guide program.

Two things I found interesting about the guide thread:

1. Apparently this guide program has actually been in existence for a while and there are already over 100 guides. But how would anyone know about it in order to use it? The only way would be by using Adept III telepathy to read the devs' minds.

2. Scott Adams, of old-school games design fame posts in the thread. And I mean old-school. I remember loading this guy's games on cassette tapes on my Atari 800. My favorite of his text-based adventures was the one about the fun-house. Anyway, what's funny is that Scott took the time to enter all the information into the guide application (and there's a lot of questions), clicked submit, and lost all his info. The guy is a seminal force in computer gaming, just make him a guide already.

Here's some tips for those filling out the application. For the "knowledge" based questions try casting Google or using any of the top four links on the side of this page. I was able to find most answers in under a minute. This isn't the SAT's - the internet police are not going to come and get you if you cheat a little. For the role playing questions just have fun, be creative and go wild.

It all sounds a little too much like work to me, I mean you don't get paid for it or anything. Wait a minute, you're telling me I'm not getting paid for writing this webpage? Where's my lawyer!

Here is my personal test for those who want to become a guide:

Why do you want to become a guide?
A. I want to help people
B. I love power
C. I want to trick people by giving them the wrong advice and then hours laters telling them "You've been Punked!"
D. We get phat lewt right?

The Cove of Decay is in:
B. Guk
C. Google it noob!
D. Your teeth

Translate this sentence: Doodz, OMG, SOE is nerfing my uber twinked alt's own3ring skillkz! WTF!
A. I need help completing this quest
B. I think the game designers have implemented some balancing to this particular class.
C. How are you today, my good sir. Would you care to join me for some tea and crumpets?
D. I play WOW.

Score your own answers - everyone's a winner today!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi mate. Just started visting your site and I'm really digging it! Reminds me of Mobhunter.com, for EQ1, although with more humour.

Bottom line: it's really fun and refreshing to read about the life and times of EQ2 from a postivie, upbeat perspective.

Hot stuff!

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Van Hemlock said...

I tried guiding once in EQ1, and it really is a harsh experience all in all. I can't speak for EQ2, but I doubt it's a lot different; the Guide basically exists as a kind of abuse-filter.

You get two special powers, which are 'Refer On To Paid GM Who Can Actually Do Anything About It', and 'Apologise Profusely'. I used the second one mostly, much to everyone's dissatisfaction.

I'd recommend Tweety Rant: Guiding for anyone thinking about it, and if you still want to help, I salute you; you're a lot more resilient than most.

6:58 AM  
Anonymous Scott Adams said...

A friend sent me the link. Nice site! He saw it on eq2players.com news

Hehe you are so right about the guide ap. I was going to chuck it after lossing everything in the first go around. Finally decided to do it as an email and sent it in. Not heard anyting from them.

Happy Adventuring
Not Dilbert, Adventure!
Scott Adams

10:38 AM  
Blogger Aggro Me said...

Great comments today:

Anonymous - Thanks much, I really appreciate the encouragement!

Van Hemlock - Thanks for the first hand insight. I also thought that link was great and I've added your own site to my favorites. Very nice.

Scott - An honor to have you post here - thanks for checking out the site. I can't believe they haven't replied to your e-mail submission yet.

Even after reading the Tweety Rant link and other horror stories I am still actually considering applying myself. I must be crazy.

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Van Hemlock is a bit off from what Guiding is in EQ2. His, and Tweety's, horror stories are based on a time when Guides did Customer Service, they answered the petitions from irrational players.

That doesn't happen anymore. Guides in EQ2 help answer basic game mechanic questions like those found in the manual. They help greet new players with cookies and milk. They help promote roleplaying by roleplaying their interactions with players. They help run events such the a Bloodlines title event and the Plague Journal event.

There's almost NO customer service done by them and they do not answer petitions. It's a great experience and will only get better as it the game gets older and people get into the events more.

5:28 AM  

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