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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fakepost Week: Fakepost Facts (Meta Fakepost Post)

I've noted a dearth of bloggers joining in on Fakepost Week. Perhaps, in this jaded age, the true meaning of Fakepost Week has been forgotten. It's become so commercialized, few still know the true Fakepost spirit. Therefore, I bring you the following fascinating Fakepost facts:


Fakepost Week was created seven years ago by the United Nations in a spirit of international cooperation to bring peace and economic stability to the world. The General Assembly approved the measure in a near unanimous vote (Canada and Tonga abstaining). However, it is the International Court of Justice which monitors Fakepost Week and deals with any disputes.

Did that fact FASCINATE you??! I know it did.


Bill Gates, millionaire Microsoft Maven, will send you $1.23 for each Fakepost you write!!! I know what you're thinking lol Snopes.com but this thing is legit! He's beta-testing the new Microsoft Serious-Post 2008 and needs tons of Fakeposting to test the filters. I doubted it too but my friend Frank showed me an ACTUAL CHECK in the amount of $3,294 signed by Gates!!!

Also my friend Sally wrote seven fakeposts and she won the lottery and married Tom Brady!!! I'm not saying it's connected but something to PONDER!!!! Then there's my friend Dean who failed to Fakepost. It might just be coincidence but the next week he got bitten by a rabid penguin, fell into a hole and his dog got asthma!!!! Do you really want to risk it?!?!?

Was that nugget of knowledge tasty and delicious?!! Oh yeah, that hit the spot.


If you fakepost about fakeposting the universe will collapse in upon itself and-