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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

E - What?

Yes, there's some excitement in the air as "industry" types descend on LA for the promise of booth babes, free hot-dogs and game demos at the E3 convention. I was thinking of attempting to write something amusing about E3 but Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen has saved me the trouble with this article on Something Awful. I highly recommend it - funny stuff. Be sure to check out not only the hilarious pictures and writing but the link to the mp3 of Frags' version of an E3 conversation.

Moorgard also had
something to say about E3, which he is attending, in his (it's not a blog!!!) blog Moorhunter.

Moving from SOE employees to Mythic employees, Lum will be attending and had
this to say.

Now, if you're anything like me, the news you most want to hear from E3 is more news about the EQII expansion and other upcoming MMORPG news. However, at an E3 at which the major focus is the three big next-gen consoles (PS3, XBox 360, and Nintendo Revolution) most of the reports coming out of E3 are understandably console oriented.

If you are interested in how Sony, SOE's parent company is doing, you can check out the specs for the PS3
over at Kotaku. I'm no expert on consoles but it seems to blow the XBox 360 away not only in terms of processing power but with support for up to seven wireless controllers using bluetooth and the ability to use the Blu-ray disc format. It does have a weird looking controller though.

The MMORPG news is currently limited but I expect plenty to reach us a bit later in the week.

For now here is what we know:

SOE will be at E3 in force, showing demos of not only the EQII expansion but of their
upcoming PSP games. Also, Moorgard will be wearing new shoes while Blackguard may or may not have new shoes.

A demo of the upcoming MMORPG Dark and Light
is planned for tomorrow. Dark and Light will have no zones or separate servers - all players will be in the same "world."

NCsoft will be featuring a
varied lineup: Auto Assault (a car battle MMO), Guild Wars (which you probably know about already), Tabula Rasa (a first-person shooter MMO with RPG elements) and City of Villains (the expansion to City of Heroes). NCSoft also recently released this cool new website for City of Villains.

Mythic will be
demonstrating a fully playable version of Imperator. On the Imperator official site, you will also find a webcam which will show the Imperator E3 booth live starting tomorrow. If that's not cool enough, the Mythic crew will be posting E3 photos on this photoblog. Nice job Mythic.

If Brad McQuaid has recovered from his attack of logorrhea, Sigil (under the Microsoft umbrella) will be showing Vanguard.

As for non-MMORPG games I will personally be following, I would have to say Civ IV and Heroes of Might and Magic V spark my interest. How about you?

I will be sure to update with more MMORPG-centric news as it arises.


Anonymous Crit said...

I too will be following HoMM5, being a big HoMM2 and HoMM3 fan(I actually still play them alot) I'm really looking forward too HoMM5 and I think ubisoft will do a good job with it(atleast better then HoMM4 ;))

5:21 PM  
Blogger Aggro Me said...

I hope so Crit - like you I love HoMM2 & 3 and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one turns out well.

5:56 PM  

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