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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Clearing Out Old News: Part I

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Okay, I will be following up this holiday weekend by posting two slightly dated updates I never finished in a timely fashion. Here's the first:

Probably my favorite feature of any of the more established EQII community sites is EQII Vault's Ask SOE feature. I just wanted to point out that the last Ask SOE was pretty good in case you missed it.

Moorgard actually goes ahead and gives a specific ranking of intended DPS for each class, even going so far as to rank Conjurors and Necros twice depending on the type of pet they are using. However, remember that some Scout DPS comes from situational attacks and poisons (which cost money) so I'm not sure if that is taken into account in the list. And, as he says, differences in playstyle and equipment mean that this is only a general guide.

Moorgard mentions that mobs will begin to drop coin, but only "creatures that make sense to do so (most humanoid-type NPCs)." I think it's pretty funny that SOE is worried about loot realism when you have mobs like sea turtles or ice wolves dropping giant chests which contain armor. Still, restricting coin drops to humanoid mobs is a reasonable idea.

It seems like the "reverse writ" concept I mentioned before will work as follows: A mob drops an item. Upon examining the item you will see that you have to turn it in to a writ NPC for faction status. Moorgard mentions that the items will be tradable so unguilded players can sell them. I wonder if this will allow the wealthier guilds to use their platinum to gain guild levels quickly. If so, it may not be a good idea.

I have one more old news post coming today so stay tuned.


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