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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Tip Me

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It's rare that I read tips that I can actually use in EQII gameplay. So, to run across two in one day was a veritable windfall.

Both were on a site I stumbled upon in my internet travels (I've almost completed the Bootstrutter's Guide to the Internet quest) called

The first is a mentoring tip. Sure, mentoring is great. It let's you group with friends who are lower or higher level, help guildmates, or change that named mob from grey to green for a chance at some loot. But there's one problem, and if you have ever mentored you know what is. That's right: It screws up your hotkey bars. All those carefully organized spells and skills are now greyed out and you have to do some serious rearranging or cast straight out of your spell book.

But now there is a solution:

"To save your current hotkeys:/savehotkeys c:\eq2\normal.dat

To load a previously saved set of hotkeys:/loadhotkeys c:\eq2\filename.dat"

And that's a recipe for taking the hassle out of mentoring.

The second tip is more of a strategic one. If you've ever used waypoint (and I do so much less now that you can finally see your group members on the map screen) you know it will often lead you into walls, dead-ends and wrong turns. But waypoint has a cool purpose with this technique:

Want to see how a mob is going to path when you pull it? Simply invis, go stand next to the mob and then waypoint the puller in your group. Voila. You will see that the mob will follow the exact same path as the waypoint trail. This makes sense as obviously SOE uses one pathing system for waypoints and mobs. It's useful once in a while to plan your strategy and a fun little tip.

When you use it in places where mobs are commonly bugged, you will see just why they are. The waypoint will lead into walls, up trees and so on. Use the trick to figure out a way to pull the mob without bugging it.

Well, those are the tips and remember I didn't come up with these so all credit to the writer of

My tip? Well, if you're a wizard and you're afraid a tank or healer is falling asleep on a long dungeon crawl try overnuking! It's sure to get their attention. Remember, the more aggro the better, I always say...


Blogger jaipehg said...

Psst, if you're mentoring down, your spells red out! :B

Those are some nifty tips though, and go wizards, go!

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The hotkey one is on the SoE forum somewhere ... Tips n Tricks maybe? It is a nice simple way to switch things in and out, I agree!

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Tavalia said...

Ohhh, those are good hints! Especially the hot bar one.

I don't know how you find the time to discover such gems with all of your level three graphics tightening.

= P


10:11 PM  

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