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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

FanFaire Fiesta

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Okay, I'm back with more commentary on the FanFaire reports.

Let's head back to
eq2stratics.com. There are some notes from their Friday, June 10 coverage that were not in the report I referenced yesterday:

Class diversity and specialization is being looked at. That will be nice for those of us who are just considered "DPS" like all mages and scouts.

The SOGA models, which I've discussed
here and here are still being tested and will be a choice each individual user makes.

A fantastic idea: allowing raid leaders to switch members from group to group and disband the raid. How many times have you been on a raid and heard: "Aggro invite Bob to group 2." "Aggro is AFK." "Gnome switch from group 1 to group 3." And so on...If this can all be done with a few clicks it will make for more enjoyable raiding.

We're now going to saunter over to
eq2ogaming's hefty FanFaire coverage page. There's some really lengthy reports there so check them out. I'm going to touch on some of the things that stood out to me from Berek's reports.

More unique armor, weapons and items. This is no big surprise but I hope they are serious about it. I'm tired of inspecting everyone and seeing the same gear over and over. Inspect any high level mage and you will find: Robe of the Invoker, Symbol of Treedin (I probably misspelled this), maybe a glowing Shard Bracelet, Necklace of Flowing Orbs, J-boots or Golden Efreeti Boots, Stein of Moggok, etc. I want to feel unique. Luckily I found a rare robe (Robe of the Beguiler) way back in my Runnyeye days and it really made me feel more connected to my character (as silly as that may sound).

Reverse Writs - Finding a certain item while adventuring would set off the writ process which would end with speaking to the writ NPC. I'm all for a little writ variety. I'll do you one better: You are in a certain zone, let's say, for example, some caverns below Maj'Dul. As you are fighting you receive an urgent missive from Qeynos requiring you slay a certain type of mob within a time limit. I can dream, right? By the way, when do we get to meet with Antonia or Lucan?

It sounds like attendees were complaining about mobs being too easy so don't complain to SOE when they make things a bit harder.

Being able to see who is casting a certain buff on you would be a nice touch.

An excellent idea: being able to resurrect someone you aren't grouped with. No more disbanding, joining, disbanding and joining again just to help someone out.

Check out the coverage for more details and scope these
pictures for some FanFaire flavor. Some cool costumes were in the house and it looks like the Quest for Antonia is heating up.

I'm just warming up on the FanFaire info so stop by tomorrow for another dose.

Oh yeah, and if anyone can explain to me just what is going on in
this picture, I would be grateful.


Anonymous Scott Adams said...

An amazing list of Tradeskill changes coming see ...


10:49 AM  
Blogger Twodragons said...

That screenshot is of harveting nodes with a rare chest drop in the center. :)

11:16 AM  
Blogger Aggro Me said...

Thanks, Scott, I've added that to my post for tomorrow. I'm not a big tradeskiller at the moment but I will likely be getting back into it soon so I am happy to see positive changes being made.

Twodragons, thanks, now it is all clear to me! Okay not really. And people think I'm strange mining for Ebon in Central Park.

4:22 PM  

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