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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Around the Horn

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If you haven't seen it already, I suggest you take a swing on over to EQII Warcry to read Curt Schilling stepping up to the plate with an EQII interview. I did a post in April on Schilling which also has a nice comment from Krones who played with him in EQ. Schilling is currently working hard on rehabbing his injured ankle and I certainly wish him well.

In the interview he makes some pretty intelligent comments on loot tables and class specialization. He also mentions Doug Glanville plays, which was common knowledge already, along with Todd Pratt, which I didn't know and as a Mets fan am happy to hear. Yeah, I know he's on the Phillies now, but still. Schill also pimps
his guild so you can check that out if you want. They sound a little serious to me but they have a nice website.

Moving to a different base, I'd also recommend reading the latest
Ask SOE over at EQII Vault. Of note, dueling will be live before the expansion. They are still balancing the PvP system (and no it will not change anything in the PvE game). There will be a death penalty for dueling (an idea I am not crazy about) but said penalty will not be in effect for Arena combat. Scott also alludes to LDoN when discussing the scalable dungeons in the Splitpaw Saga. If they work that out right they might have something because a lot of people I talk to loved LDoN.


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