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Thursday, May 26, 2005

It Still Ain't Easy Being Green

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Well, it was back on St. Patrick's Day when I first wrote about the Frogloks. That was followed up on the day before Tax Day (in the US at least) with my Froggy Flambe post when it was revealed that Frogloks were not actually in the game yet. This revelation or, as Adventuring with Ark termed it, "Guk-Gate," raised the ire of many players. So here we are on the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend (again in the US) and I'm still talking about these blasted amphibians.

At this point I don't care if Frogloks have the power to bend space and time to their will merely by hopping. But, they're coming anyway so if you're still interested I've assembled some of the current Froglok info.

Suleman discusses the Froglok happenings
in this thread, stating that there will be quests, a raid and live events involved in the unlocking (though the live events are more for fun). The quest to unlock the Frogloks for yourself is for group players in the low 20's (or solo players in the high 20's). To unlock them for the server will require raiding. The quests can be picked up in Castleveiw or West Freeport.

I mentioned in
this post that the SOE Worlds magazine discussed Cazic-Thule in conjunction with the Frogloks (I'm guessing for the raid portion).

You can check out the Froglok
starting stats here. They're fairly well rounded.

Forums poster HanktheDwarf has some
screenshots of the Froggies up, presumably from Test.

explains why the Froglok quest is available to the evil denizens of Freeport. He also does a pretty hilarious rendition of a typical forums poster: "I begged Higby and Rizzo to do it so I didn't have to see 50 threads popping up tomorrow saying "I want to play all evil characters EXCEPT the one slot I saved for a froglok. But because the quest is only in Qeynos, I can't do that. WHY DO YOU HATE ME SOE?!?!?!?!" It's funny because it's true. He's just missing the title for the post - I suggest either "Reasons Why I Am LEAVING!" or "Say Goodbye to My Subscription SOE!" Even though I bashed Moorgard once (only because he ranked on blogging) I always enjoy his writing and I have to hand it to him for giving an honest, funny and non PR-speak response here. Here's another recent Moorgard reply I liked. By the way, that post mentions there will be an option to use the Soga character models (thanks Dave).

SOE is featuring Froglok lore: they have two parts of a Froglok tale up already
starting here. So, if you can handle the excitement of pulse-pounding dialogue like, "if I see thy dolly, I will bring it to thee once my shift is over" then check it out.

Most importantly, I found out
what kind of frog I am.

I'm a Red Eyed Tree Frog!

Why did I take that test? Because the internet is a strange and magical place. Also, I'm an idiot.

Finally, to keep up the tradition of my last two Froglok posts, I will end things with a corny frog joke:

A beautiful princess was having a picnic by herself near the waterfall in Oakmyst Forest. A little frog hopped right onto her picnic blanket.

"Hello, Princess!" he croaked. "Bring me home and place me on your pillow and I will turn into a handsome Prince by morning!"

The Princess shrugged. What else could she do? She stuck the frog in her picnic basket and headed back to the castle. That night she placed the frog on her pillow and went to sleep.

That morning there was a handsome man laying next to her in bed!

Do you believe that story?

Neither did her mother.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You never cease to crack me up. ;)

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Gerrie said...

"I'm a Green Tree Frog!"These little frogs are grass-green colored, usually with a creamy colored line running from the jaw along the flanks. Males make a really loud noise thats a bit like quacking, which is sometimes known as a "rain call" because they tend to make a lot of noise before rains, but which can also be stimulated by external noises. They eat an assortment of bugs including crickets, moths, and flies.

7:13 PM  
Blogger Mercurie said...

I believe I've heard your closing joke, but it still never ceases to crack me up. Maybe some more frog humour is on call for Friday? (-:

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:39 AM  

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