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Thursday, May 19, 2005

EQ2 E3

As E3 rages on I have some EQII links to share:

First up is a report on the expansion by Gamespot. What's interesting is the news that the PvP in the expansion will feature "alternate game modes like capture the flag, hold the line, and seek and destroy... and SOE hints at some kind of custom game mode creation as well." Nice. They also mention that the creatures you can use in the Arena will drop from named mobs and have the properties of said mobs. The "arena champions" you have the option to use (yes you can also play as yourself too) will have special abilities like "a speedy goblin that will apparently be good in CTF games." All in all, if this is implemented well it could be a lot of fun.

Next, we have some screenshots, take your pick of EQ2 Warcry or Gamespy. They look pretty nice. I like the use of strong colors in the desert scenery and the bazaar. Plus you can't go wrong with monkeys (note the flying carpet in the background of that shot). I was hoping to see some striking new armor models but I guess I'll have to wait on that. I'm really hoping new armor models are part of the expansion though.

Moving on, EQ2 Vault is updated to say that they have a demo clip of the expansion available. However, I have been unable to download it. Perhaps you will have better luck.

I enjoyed this real first-hand report from an actual player on the EQII forums. He reports on the SOE booth: "I got a chance to go by the SOE booth, and I was exteremly surprised to see a very large castle like structure with a number of TV monitors on the front showing a loop video of a number of their games (EQ, EQ2, SWG etc). There was a door to a lounge type area in side and folks pretty much weren't allowed in.. /shrug Most of the other MMPORG booths had folks you could talk to right next to their games. We got a chance to chat with folks from NCSoft and Mythic. (Imperitor looks pretty neat)." The poster's impression of the expansion seems positive and he states that the devs say that "the PVP is a hoot to play."

There is another report of the expansion at EQ2 Warcry which states that "Blackguard and Moorgard put on a great presentation."

Moving away from the expansion, EQ2 Stratics reports on EQ2 East which will soon be launched in Korea. What I found interesting is that EQ2 East will include "some quests with themes based on Korean mythology." Sounds like SOE is making that extra effort to try to tap into the tremendous Korean MMO market. Still no news on whether non-EQ2 East players will have the option to use the EQ2 East character models as I discussed previously.

Well, that's all the EQII news I have for now but here are three quick Mythic hits:

They have the license to do a Warhammer fantasy MMO.

There is a video of Imperator. It's actually someone playing and discussing the game not a trailer.

Finally, there is some news on the DAoC expansion front.


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