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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I've already spent too much time today agonizing over pictures of ponies (I finally bought a tier 2 horse) so I'm just going toss a bunch of links at you. Here goes:

Remember, when I said
Transfer Me? Uh yeah, on second thought you better not.

Those of you who read my article on dueling yesterday were probably thinking - Okay, Aggro, that's all well and good but where are the reports of what actual duels on the test server are like? Well, I don't blame you but I searched the official forums and came up empty. Luckily, new blogger
Quylein the Mage did some better legwork managing to track down this report from the Scout's Sanctuary.

In any case, the /duel command
will not be part of Live Update 9 which I kind of warned might happen in yesterday's post. Live Update 9 is itself pushed back a day.

Oh, did I say on Monday it was the end of E3? Well, maybe just a little more:

E3 "awards" for MMORPG's were announced by
MMORPG.com. To be honest, I don't know who the judges were for this feature or what their qualifications are. But anyway, dark horse Hero's Journey took best game and EQII cleaned up the expansion category with Desert of Flames. Before you get too excited, they were really only competing against the expansions to DAoC and Anarchy Online.

This post from the Stratics forum has a screenshot of the EQII East high elf model. I guess goofy hair translates into all cultures. Also the EQ2 Stratics main page has a preview of the expansion up. The Arena PvP looks like it will have a gallery for observers. Also, trophies and ranks will be attained by successful arena combatants.

Blackguard does a nice job writing up his E3 experiences
in this thread. He also attempts to lure the ladies into attending FanFaire by saying, "If you are extremely lucky, we may be able to convince Moorgard, Smed, and Gallenite to go up to the mic and belt out some karaoke."

I directed you to
EQ2 Vault's E3 page on Monday but I'd like to point out that they now have a really detailed look at Station Exchange up now. As usual, my therapist's orders prevent me from any further discussion of Station Exchange.

They also have another
look at the expansion available. Noteworthy: Guild Halls. Yes, Guild Halls. "The guild halls will be purchased much in the way that homes are purchased." Now that makes me happy. Not as happy as my new horse makes me but definitely happy.


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