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Friday, May 20, 2005

Lights, Camera, Desert!

Well, a really long video (around seven minutes) of the Desert of Flames expansion is up over at Gamespot. It's worth a watch - fairly entertaining and surprisingly funny at points. It's hard to tell much about gameplay from videos such as this of course.

The climbing feature looked really good, though I still find it hard to get too excited about that. There is a representation of the battle arena and people transforming into arena champions.

I wouldn't get too over enthused about all the cool looking flying carpets. I believe the flying carpets will just be the griffons of this zone. It is a fantastic idea but remember how cool the griffons seemed the first time you used them? Remember how cool they seemed the three hundred and forty-second time you used then? Like I said though, still a fantastic idea.

Based on everything I've heard about the expansion, I'm looking forward to it. The problem is I wonder how long I am going to be doing so. September is a long way away. Now, don't get me wrong, I think there is a good deal of high level content in this game. I'm still in the midst of it. But enough to keep people interested for more than three months? Will the Splitpaw adventure pack help? Only time will tell...

Edit: Blackguard has an E3 report up on the forums. Also Brenlo posted some photos of Blackguard and Gallenite at E3.


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