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Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday Humor: WoW Me

Well, this week's quasi-WoW theme continues into the Friday Humor section as I bring you links to a couple of WoW videos and a humorous thread from the WoW forums. Next week back to Norrath, promise...

The first video revolves around ninja looting. Be warned there is profanity. You'll see it also alludes to what has become a WoW humor staple. It's the reactions that make this one funny.

The second video is especially funny if you're a Horde player as Mr. Kazzak pays a friendly visit to Stormwind. This one is somewhat reminiscent of the great Fansy, though definitely not as funny.

The humorous thread is located here. It starts off quite slow and you really have to read to the end of the page for the punchline. I find it somewhat similar to the Danks saga (link towards the end of that post). If you don't want to read through or missed the joke my recap is below:

Forum members are saying that the player Bannish is actually an unpopular player named Thunderstrike who changed his name. Bannish posts to vehemently protest his innocence yet forgets one detail, changing his sig. It reads...Thunderstrike.

And, in personal humorous news, I had to use an escape spell last evening to find my way out of a certain halfling tavern in order to locate an NPC for a timed portion of a heritage quest. The NPC was in said tavern, mind you, but I was lost in some kind of basement halfling meeting hall. I'm bad with directions. Newbies mock me as I circle the Down Under repeatedly looking for the exit to North Qeynos. Anyway, as I ran back into the tavern I somehow got stuck in crouch mode as my friends looked on in laughter. I desperately tried a bunch of keys, sitting and standing over and over as the JumJum swilling halflings looked on in jolly glee. Eventually, I half crouched, half jumped my way to the NPC, hailing with five seconds left.


Anonymous Yarrl Wolfheart said...

Hiya aggro

Been reading this page for a while and I really like it. First time to comment though. I'm Old school EQ and go back to orginal beta. I thought you might like this old EQ movie.


It still amazes me what the toons look like now from those humble beginings, and back then that was awesome.

10:18 AM  
Blogger Aggro Me said...

Glad to have you aboard!

Thanks for the link...those are some funny animations with good soundtracks. They can be found by clicking the archive link on the site Yarrl links to if anyone else wants to check them out. I liked the Iksar one the best but the begging noob was pretty funny too.

8:22 PM  

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