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Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday Humor: EQII Can Help You in Real Life!

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Does your spouse, significant other or friend complain about all the time you spend finishing those last few lore and legend quests, raiding peacefully fishing giants or earning the trust of a bunch of gnolls? Well, maybe they don't realize how much playing EQII can help you in real life! Here are some examples of how playing EQII helps my imaginary friend Bob in his daily life:

During the Holidays

Child: Wow, a new graphics card for my computer! Thanks, Grandma!

Bob: Hmm...I'm going to have to take that graphics card. Need before greed, kid.

Child: Waaa! No!

Bob: Fine, we'll bid on it. I have 72 DKP points. How many do you have? Yeah, that's what I thought.

At Work

Boss: Bob, where the heck is that TPS report? I need that on my desk immediately!

Bob: The player you are trying to contact is AFK or away from the keyboard.

Meeting Women

Bob: Okay, guys, here's the strat. I'm going to pull the blonde. Jim, off-tank the friends and the rest of you assist Jim.

Jim: Uh, can't we just go up and say hello?

Bob: No. And stop the chatter in raid channel. Sean is going to mez any male adds before they mess up our plan.

Sean: Er, no I'm not.

Bob: Bah. I hate these non-Guild raids! Fine then...zerg rush!


Student: So, I think I'm going to take a bunch of well-rounded liberal arts classes.

Bob: I don't think so. Min-maxing, my friend, min-maxing. Do you want to be uber or not?


Sanitation Employee: Er, what are you doing down here in the sewer, sir?

Bob: It's a shortcut, noob. I only have to zone twice if I go this way.


Teammate: Hey, what are those pills you're taking?

Bob: Just twinking this toon.

At the Oscars

Bob: My queen, I completed all those writs for you!

Heather Graham: Who the heck are you? Security!

Bob: Uh-oh. Adds. Running. Train to zone!

Getting A Part-Time Job

Exterminator: So, this person is complaining of a rat problem. See if you can kill ten, okay?

Bob: Haha. You've got the right guy here.

This post was loosely inspired by this thread on the Aggro Forums.

If you want more humor I have a link for you. This story by Jeff Freeman has been linked around quite a bit in the last week, but if you haven't read it yet it's definitely worth checking out.

You also might enjoy
this feature on Something Awful entitled "The Worst MMORPG Ever," which tells the tale of everything that stinks about MMORPG's with stick figure type drawings (Krones beat me to this link by the way - he must have stairs in his house). I don't know about you but I sure hope I get into the beta for Mystical Fantasy Land: Online 2!


Blogger warm_machine said...

Once again, a great Friday post!!!

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Johnsonrod said...

My wife wanted me to clean up the mess the kids had made all over the carpet with their toys. I told her my harvesting skills wewn't up to a T% zone. After that comment, she conned red^^

1:00 PM  

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