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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Listen Up

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I received a few e-mails last week informing me that Aggro Me was mentioned in a "podcast." Curious, I decided to check it out and discovered this site.

Now, I suppose you can listen to these podcasts on your pod, as it were, but I just downloaded them and listened to them on my computer. I found that listening to MMO news (the podcasts center on EQII and SWG) is a nice break from reading about it.

The "podcaster" has two things going for him: One, he has a good radio voice and can ably fill the space without pauses. Two, he obviously has a deep history with and affection for online gaming. It's a winning combination.

Even though he mentions Aggro Me, I'm giving an honest review. If it sucked, believe me I would tell you, or not mention it at all. I will say that he hits his stride a little better in the second show and maybe goes on a bit too long with the thankyous in the first. But, I can truly say I enjoyed both shows and look forward to listening to more.

There are a few "ads" on the shows but they are for in-game merchants which really doesn't count. When I hear a commercial for Morb's weapon store in SWG I am amused rather than annoyed.


Anonymous Ilucide said...

Fun stuff!

1:37 PM  

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