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Thursday, August 18, 2005

High Adventure That's Beyond Compare?

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I recently read two great posts about sci-fi MMO Eve Online but I wasn't going to write a reblogging post just to link to them. Then today, I saw a thread in the Eve Online forums which pushed me over the top. But first, let me get to the original links.

Mmodig scanned in
this fantastic story about the far-reaching infiltration of an Eve corporation in preparation for a contract assassination and mass looting. It is well worth reading and right up there in my top five MMO stories of all time. Interestingly, Nightfreeze's Great Scam, another in the top five, is also an Eve Online tale.

Moving from in-game events to the state of the game, the Cesspit has a great look at how subscription numbers for Eve have steadily grown since launch. And that's despite Eve's poor launch and the entry into the market of heavy-hitters like WoW. I was impressed (and surprised) when I read this. I recommend heading over and reading Abilieno's take on it.

Okay, but now back to the forum thread that inspired this post. I'm going to try to summarize the plot here, but remember I don't play Eve. A player named MangOo fought a player named Firstname Lastname in a spaceship duel. Firstname Lastname lost. Firstname Lastname paid MangO0 30 million isk to preserve his ship. MangOo destroyed the ship anyway.

Up until now, that is fairly typical Eve Online stuff. The crazy part comes when Firstname Lastname begins singing songs over voicechat such as "Like a Virgin " and "I'm a Little Teapot" to get a portion of his money back.

But check out the thread yourself, complete with a video (and more importantly audio) file of the events.

Some people in the thread feel this whole thing was uncalled for, but I have to say when he launches into the Gummi Bears Theme (from which I got the title for this post) I was laughing hard. And before you jump down my throat, Firstname Lastname (reportedly a big-time scammer himself) seems to have a sense of humor about it. He posts on the second page of that thread, "yes i will accept donations for my singing and my lost raven (that was full of puppies and children on the way to the puppy and children orphanage of love and caring located in beautiful Sobaseki)."

Beyond the humor aspect, the fact that this kind of wild and dramatic stuff is going on in an MMO really makes me want to check out Eve Online.

Just don't expect me to sing about it.


Blogger Anskiere said...

I've also been thinking a lot about Eve Online. One of the guys from my old PlanetSide outfit tried it out after he quit PS and told me he LOVED it.

Maybe it's time for me to actually do and not just say, and actually give it a go.

8:51 AM  
Blogger Anskiere said...

After reading that article (I was just leaving for work before I posted that first comment) I really want to play now :(

9:27 AM  
Blogger kirkgibson said...

I didn't play for long but it's not all fun and games. I remember mining asteroids for hours on end just to get a few isk together.

9:48 AM  
Blogger Anskiere said...

Thats alright, I am no stranger to working for little money. I did it in Terminus, I played a ton of Escape Velocity where I had to do it.. I'm willing ;P

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Tovin said...

I had a great time playing Eve, and I'd go back in a hearbeat if any of my friends still played!


2:48 PM  
Blogger vegetableclaps said...

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Blogger isaidthebigstump said...

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