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Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday Humor: EQII Definitions

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Before I get started on the main portion of this Friday Humor post, I'd like to give you two links. The first is to a great collection of WoW lightbulb jokes (via mmodig). This one is my favorite:

"Q. How many Paladins does it take to change a lightbulb?
A. Two. One to change it and one to uphold the light."

I also liked this one from the comments:

"Q: How many GM's does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None. Its working as intended."

Haha, we've all gotten the working as intended response one time or another.

As for the second link, I thought Moorgard's response in
this thread was worthy of a mention. "Moongaurd u n3rfed ur raidz agin WAY 2 GO SOE!!11!!!!1!ONE." That's pretty funny. Nice one, Moongaurd!

Well, that's it for the links and I'm afraid you're stuck with my humor for the duration of this post. So, we all know about MMORPG slang right? Nerfed, DKP, min-maxing and, of course, aggro to name just a few. Well, the more the merrier! Here are some new EQII words with definitions I am humbly submitting to the next edition of the Merriam-Webster MMORPG slang dictionary:

Nodenvy: The feeling you get when someone steals your harvesting node and you just know that it was the one that contained an ebon cluster. Also applicable to nodes that are stuck in trees.

Componentitis: The realization which strikes you after setting up in your tradeskill area that you left a tradeskill ingredient you need in your bank vault.

Malt: The discovery that you like your alt better than your main character.

Coppering: Putting an item up for sale at a price of 5 coppers less then the lowest price on the broker.

Anti-coppering: The practice of sending angry tells to those who indulge in coppering and accusing them of "ruining the free market system."

Fauxmergency: Creating a fake emergency (i.e. "my wife's cousin is having an emotional breakdown over the state of reality television") to get out of a raid that is going badly. And, since you now have the option to revive in the raid zone or an outside zone:

Fauxviving: Purposely reviving in the wrong zone to get out of a botched raid.

Mismistell: Intentionally typing something in the wrong chat channel for nefarious reasons. i.e. "You know that mistell about how much plat he has was really a mismistell."

LFGB: A modification of the LFG (Looking for Group) acronym which stands for Looking for Group Badly. Examples would include typing in all caps (i.e. LEVEL 33 BRUZER LFG COME ON ACT NOW) or repeatedly spamming your request in the Shout channel.

Mr.Bell-vedere: A person who constantly buys tickets to Everfrost or Lavastorm because they are so wealthy they can't be bothered to zone one whole extra time let alone sully themselves by taking a griffin. They often brag about it. NOTE: This practice is now out of date due to the zone access shuffling. Please replace it with:

Airpaw: The use of a Splitpaw Shard and an escape spell to get you to the TS docks and then to any other zone with a few clicks.

Varmor: Using a certain piece of armor out of vanity because you like the way it looks on your character even though it has weaker stats than another piece.

Blonation: A blonation is a donation to a tradeskiller who works on a donation basis that is so shoddy and cheap it's an insult. i.e. "Gee, thanks for the blonation. It really makes all that crafting worthwhile.

I'll probably do some more of these in two to three weeks so if you have any contributions for the next round e-mail me or post them on the
Aggro Forums.


Blogger Twodragons said...

Disconfection - How you get rid of the plague. Also used to sanitize a cookie that fell on the floor by picking it up and blowing the germs off.

Bloggro - When someone keeps spamming your Blog's forums with ads or links to their site.

Trolling - A Gnome running through the Commonlands dragging a dead cat on a string hoping to attract Trolls.

Questshun - The act of finding a clickable item, opening a new quest, but declining it due to a full quest log. Then wondering if it was something you needed.

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LFB = those adults who play the game that make a quick pause for a most important element, BEER.. Looking for beer.


6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I always found it ironic that people complain to undersellers that they're ruining the economy. I've always held that it's the customers who set prices, not the sellers... they're the ones that decide how much they're willing to pay.

I think it would be great if Sony could cure componentitis by just putting bankers in the tradeskill instances. Don't see why they can't, they already have brokers there, would make sense to me. Can't think of any gameplay or "vision" reason for them not to be there.

1:33 PM  
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