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Monday, July 25, 2005


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Now, as much as I love drift racing I have not had much time to watch G4TV lately. I'm kidding, I don't know what drift racing is and I'm not sure what all those drift racing shows have to do with technology or gaming. If you remember this Tightening Up the Graphics on Level Three post you will know I do admit to watching X-Play.

Adam and Morgan do a pretty good job, although they need to review more games and cut back on the monkey throwing feces jokes just a tad. One show I rarely watch is Attack of the Show formerly ScreenSavers, if you remember the old Leo Laporte days. Since Kevin Rose (aka Sarah Lane's hacker boy toy) left to do his oh-so-dark-and-elite
basement internet show about installing Linux in Teddy Ruxpin dolls it's gotten even worse. But occasionally, I turn in, hoping for a funny Brendan Moran segment. Okay, I just re-read that paragraph and I obviously watch way too much G4TV to know all that.

The point is, I did watch Thursday's episode of Attack of the Show, which taught people how to make animated gifs. Because if there's one thing the internet needs it's more people making animated gifs. I was fast-forwarding through the commercials when I saw a bunch of Everquest screens. Hmm. It turns out the show Icons is featuring Everquest. Of course I watch it.

Icons is a show about the "icons" of the gaming industry. To give you an idea of the target demographic, the poll they are currently running with the question "Who do you think is the most important figure in video game history?" has Miyamoto garnering 44% of the vote while Nolan Bushnell has 6%.

Now every other episode of Icons I have watched completely fawns over the subject matter. But, with SOE's luck, on this episode they decide to mix in a little "hard-hitting journalism" about Everquest addiction. That portion is very minor, though, and, on the whole, the show still had a quite positive spin. The theme of friendship is stressed throughout the show by the narrator and the SOE people and I think that is a valid theme. Smed comes off as a bit of a games nerd which is a good thing.

The show is only a half hour long, so they have to cram a lot in. They show the early history and discuss Ultima Online. One thing I found quite interesting is that Smed notes CyberStrike by Simutronics as something that inspired him to get interested in online games. I found that interesting because Simu was kind of left out of the MMORPG market for many years, although they did have much success with their text based MUD's. But now, they are going to be going directly up against EQ and EQII with Hero's Journey, which I previewed a while back. By the way, my first introduction to online gaming was on a BBS, but that's a story for another day.

I also had no idea that SOE released a tank combat MMO before EQ named Tanarus. They implied that it was intended to be kind of a tech demo to show the suits that they could do an online game but it turned out to be a pretty good game. What really shocked me is that I searched the SOE site and found that Tanarus is still going to this day. As you can see here, the forums are still hopping. I thought that was pretty neat.

The rest of the show covers the rise of EQ and shows a FanFaire. They don't really get into the expansions and they don't mention the secondary market.

The video segments of Everquest are pretty cool. If you played (or still play) I'm sure a lot of it will spark some nostalgia. And they do show a bit of Everquest II towards the end (focusing on the better graphics and the large amount of npc voiceovers) although they drop some negativity about the low subscriber numbers.

If you're looking to catch a repeat, here's a link to the
official G4 Icons page for the show, rife as it is with banner ads and more EBGames links than actual content. On second thought, just look here for the times as Krones was kind enough to list them.

If any of you caught the Everquest Icons show, I'm curious to hear your reaction. And make sure to tune in to the Aggro Me show tomorrow as we're featuring our first ever post by a guest writer.


Anonymous Stezton said...

I watched that Everquest Icons episode and was disappointed. It started out good, but once they got to point where EQ1 was released it all seemed to go on fast forward.

And I agree X-Play doesn't need to do any more all skit shows. God that monkey one was pointless. They say there's no good games to review but I like when they review the bad games. Those are the funny ones that are most entertaining.

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Linux in Teddy Ruxpin dolls it's gotten even worse.

haha love it!

The show made my epeen flaccid because they left out the most important part of history regarding me griefing noobs with my orc centurion friends equipped with poisoned wind censors in East Commons, that shit is the most important battle that ever happened in the land of Norrath. Bastards..

Despite my angst, deep down in my scrotum I thoroughly enjoyed it primarily for the nerdy sparkling nostalgia you succinctly described.

I'm sure when the shiney picture of Brad "the fiery avenger" McQuaid flashed across screens vanbois everywhere cried and started humping the screen including Smed. We all know he's a closet vanboi counting the days to get into beta and canceling his free EQ account.

The kicker of the show for me was throwing my spooge socks and laughing at Smedley in a state of sublime glee while I played on my own EQ emu server.

Guest writer? Sir Aggro, she better be hot and does this mean we get a double aggro dose or are you taking the day off?

-Krones the Reblogging Spammer

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I miss Patrick and Leo. The channel has gone downhill fast ever since G4 and TechTV joined together.

Sounds like I may have to tivo the episode of Icons to watch when I have time though.

11:15 AM  
Blogger warm_machine said...

As soon as G4 merged with TechTV there was a disturbance in the force, as if a million geeks cried out in pain. I was one of them. I've vowed to never watch that channel again. I've thumbs downed every one of their shows on TiVo, and banished it from my channel listing.

It's dead to me.

TTV Est Morte, Vive le TTV!

11:56 AM  
Blogger Aggro Me said...

The whole Tech TV subject just reminded me of one of the craziest bloopers I've ever seen. It was from the old Call for Help show.

I found a link but for some reason I can't post it as a url so just copy/paste:


Click on techtv blooper. I guess I am a horrible person for laughing at that but, wow, the setup is too good.

Krones, the only reason they didn't show your wind censor shenanigans is because they want to devote a full hour to it on a very special episode hosted by the woman from Cheat and Carlton "Big C" Lewis from Street Fury.

Hmmm...now that I think about it, G4TV could actually use a show devoted to MMORPG gaming. Let's pitch the idea to them. Only problem is the target audience will be too busy grinding xp to watch it. But we don't have to tell the execs that.

And yes, I am taking the day off tomorrow, but it doesn't really count because I still have to push the post button and that takes a lot of work.

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Ell said...

Watched the repeat last night.

Gosh, made me wanna play EQ1 again...

12:14 PM  
Blogger Adi said...

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