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Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday Humor: Quiz Me

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So, you think you know everything about EQII? Sure, you might know the difference between an orc and a gnoll, but are you a true master? Take this quiz to find out:

1. You are having trouble waiting for the expansion. The best course of action is to:

A. Preorder it and wait patiently.
B. Create a Battlefield 2 mod called "Desert of Flames - The Fight for Normandy."
C. Drive to a desert and look for sand giants to fight. Or, heck, just tall people.
D. Buy a rare monkey as a pet so your home has that "expansion feel."

2. Which is shorter?
A. A Dwarf.
B. A Gnome.
C. A Halfling.
D. The amount of time between a patch being released and someone on the official forums claiming their class was "stealth nerfed."

3. The combat changes are being implemented because:
A. SOE wants to increase class diversity and make combat more exciting.
B. Smed likes things to be "hot and spicy."
C. The forum mods needed more practice on locking and moving forum threads.
D. Well, the combat changes worked so well in Star Wars Galaxies.

4. You are having trouble keeping aggro when playing your tank. To improve your gameplay you should:
A. Read the official forums and fan websites for tips.
B. The problem isn't with you, it's your groupmates! Boot them immediately!
C. Stop taunting because "taunting is for pansies."
D. Track down Ceciliantas and ask him for advice.

5. You feel you are not getting enough loot on Guild raids. Do you:
A. Attempt to get your guild to institute a DKP system.
B. Raid with a European Guild during the day and your regular Guild at night.
C. Volunteer to set up a Guild Vault on your alt for "safekeeping" of all valuable items, mail all items to your main character and then put entire Guild on ignore.
D. Participate in a lucrative cybering for plat scheme.

6. You are new to the game and would like to make some friends. The best way is to:
A. Activate your LFG tag and try to get into a group.
B. Assist other groups of players by grabbing the quest mobs they are about to kill and killing them yourself.
C. Stand on a Griffon Tower and request that people pay you 3 gold for tickets to a "Scenic Griffon Ride."
D. Go to a crowded zone and spam "SoW plz!" in the Shout channel.

7. You are grouping with some people who are roleplaying. The proper way to act is to:
A. Try to get into character and play along.
B. Say things like, "Aye, faire maiden, tis thou thee, yon keep!"
C. Say things like, "OMG, wut r u saying, lollerskates rofling!"
D. Say things like, "Okay, I'm going to roleplay the strict paladin and you roleplay the naughty rouge wood elf."

8.You are fighting a mob in Nek Castle and it gets stuck in the wall. The best response is to:
A. Report it with the /bug command.
B. Throw your monitor through the window.
C. Post a three page article on the official forums telling the world you are canceling your account and detailing why in a 30 point thesis.
D. Enter the Quest for Antonia, win, and in your acceptance speech discuss mobs getting stuck in the walls.

9. You get busted duping talking Antonia statues and selling them for a profit. Your best course of action is:
A. To plead mercy from the devs.
B. Say, "Hey, I was looking for bugs to improve the game! I was going to tell you as soon as I made sure it was repeatable. It worked the first 900 times but I needed to make sure."
C. Use the word "mudflation" repeatedly.
D. Blame a gnome.

10. You would like to prepare for Arena PvP. Do you:
A. Work on improving your gear.
B. Challenge the deer in Antonica to a "game of team deathmatch."
C. Practice your witty PvP sayings, like "Welcome to Pwnedville, population YOU! LOL ganked!"
D. Nothing, it is not possible that anyone is more uber than you.

If you want more quiz questions, there are a few in my post on the
guide service.

If anyone ever does make a serious (unlike my joke) quiz on MMORPG's, I know the answer to one of the questions will be "Rainz." The question: Who killed Lord British in the beta for Ultima Online? I mention this because I happened to run across this page with an account of the tale recently and it brought back the memories. Even though I wasn't playing Ultima Online at the time I clearly remember thinking what a cool story this was.

Hmm, I think I will do a serious MMO trivia quiz sometime, so start studying.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha, Great stuff. I look forward to your friday posts, although I should have waited until the morning!


1:07 AM  
Blogger Anskiere said...

Hahaha, great post! I am especially fond of the ones that mention the official forums.. because we all know how much they rot (at least my) brains. This one is my favourite :)

"Post a three page article on the official forums telling the world you are canceling your account and detailing why in a 30 point thesis."

1:08 AM  
Blogger warm_machine said...

Good stuff aggro!

I'm with Krones on the whole waiting until the morning situation. What can I say? I'm an impatient person. =P

You made my brain twitch with the mention of Rainz and Lord British. I haven't thought of that in a loooong time.

2:20 AM  
Blogger Aggro Me said...

Thank for the positive feedback! I used to post my updates in the morning but now I usually do it at night, because I'm not a morning person.

Krones, your duping stuff lately has been informative as well as hilarious(and I see links to it everywhere I go). Keep us updated if you get any more dupe scoops.

4:42 PM  

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