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Thursday, September 15, 2005

MMO Trivia Contest

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Okay, I've come down a bit off the crack-like high of getting new xp for the first time in months and have begun returning to my critical self. I do see some negatives in the expansion but I am having a really great time playing it and I still see a lot of positives. I'll try to write up some impressions for Monday. But now, down to business:

It's contest time! First prize: brand new, unopened Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade for the PSP. Second prize: an EQII Map.

Alright, number 2 pencils at the ready? Here goes:

1. We hear the word "proc" all the time but what is the origin of the term?

2. What multiplayer space action game has the "Skithzar Kragath" craft?

3. What MMO features "tests" such as pilgrimage, marriage and safari?

4. Prior to 1998, 989 Studios was known by what name?

5. In what parody game can you play as a Panda Man Tickle-Mimic?

6. What does KEI stand for?

7. Name a playable race from Hibernia.

8. What game features Notum?

9. Rise of Chaos is an expansion pack for what game?

10. In what MMO does drinking alcohol turn the body red and increase attack speed for 60 seconds? (this is a tough one)

11. Over what internet platform was Gemstone first played?

12. What console was Phantasy Star Online released on?

13. What was a "door game" played on?

14. What was the MMO Lineage named after?

15. From what game did the term "zerg" originate?

16. In what game would PED be useful?

Since I suppose you could google all of these (though it might take some time) I am adding in an Aggro Me trivia question as a tiebreaker of sorts. You're going to really have to guess at this one.

17. What has been the most common search engine keyword or keywords (besides "Aggro" or "Aggro Me") that has brought people to this site? (Hint: It's funny)

In the event of a tie I will assign each entry a number based on the order it was received and then log on to EQII and do a /rand.

Contest Rules: All entries by e-mail (find it on the right side of the page under /who). This contest is not open to employees of Aggro Me (um, me) and my relatives, I guess. All e-mails must be received by 11:59 P.M. EST on September 21, 2005. So go ahead and enter - this contest has probably the best odds you're ever going to get of winning a PSP game.

Good luck!


Blogger jaipehg said...


I want the map!

But yeah.. I'm not a huge MMORPG person.. Just a silly girl!

I lose! :(

8:58 AM  
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