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Friday, September 02, 2005

Friday Humor: Roleplay

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Inspired by that "Night Kittens" thread from yesterday's post I tried to come up with some ideas for EQII guilds who "roleplay" in an interesting fashion.

Victorious Vegans: Members in this guild refuse to harm any animals because they are roleplaying vegetarian characters. You can forget about completing the "Oh Deer Me" quest if you are in this guild. They also only eat non-animal food. The guild is currently rife with drama over the debate of whether centaurs count as animals or not. (I think it would be very tough but possible to get a character to level 50 playing this way. Might actually be a lot of fun to try).

Glitterati: This guild roleplays as the most fashionable and trendy elves in Norrath. They are always wearing the latest robes and armor and finding the most "in" place to hang out. The tavern in QH? That's so yesterday. Everyone knows the inn in Rivervale is the cool place to have an ale. Guest list only. Players in this guild mock mobs for their poor fashion sense before killing them.

ENN (Everquest News Network): A guild of intrepid reporters that request interviews from famous mobs like Naggy and try to catch GM's with compromising screenshots.

Knights of Prozac: All players in this guild roleplay characters with personality disorders. Meet Frozlo, the halfling who thinks he is an ogre. Then there's Garvin, the dwarf guardian who is always depressed. His pulling macro is: "*Target mob* incoming, we should kill it I suppose. But what's really the point...we're all going to die eventually. Sigh." Paranoid wood-elf Relthisa has delusions that she is just a character in a video game. Crazy, I know. Just don't get into a pick-up group with Bobo, the warden with a split-personality. Bobo will be healing you one minute, but then when his evil side, Gobo, surfaces, he will be healing the mob instead.

Balco Boys: A guild of ogres and trolls dedicated solely to power leveling their characters and getting juiced to the max. Alchemists welcome.

Reality Norrath: One guild. One three room house in South Qeynos. No one leaves the house for one month. Guild drama ensues as Pikor the gnome is caught flirting with Varg the troll's half-elf girlfriend. Will Varg eat Pikor? Will true love prevail? Tune in to Reality Norrath to find out.

Legal Eagles: Members of this Freeport guild roleplay, gasp, lawyers. Thinking of a guild merger? Better consult the Legal Eagles first to draw up a mountain of paperwork. Feel like you've been kill-stealed? The Legal Eagles can help...for a small fee of course. Did you hastily jump into an in-game marriage and then catch your spouse cybering with a half-elf hottie? Better call the Legal Eagles. The Legal Eagles are currently filing a class-action suit against a harvesting node in Feerrott for "being stuck in a tree."

Feel free to add your own roleplay guild ideas in the comments section.

I've also got a pretty funny WoW link for you. It involves roleplaying, cybersex and "dwarven hand cannons." You can check it out
here but be warned it is obviously a bit vulgar. My favorite line, "Gedran tries to disguise himself as a tree and makes crow noises." Enjoy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol that WoW link was hilarious - I just posted it in my guild forums. Also I think there is a WoW guild where every member roleplays lesbian vampires. I forget the name but it's a real guild.

1:41 AM  
Anonymous Wargut said...


Feeling really tempted to try one of those guilds with the guys/girls from the forums

6:04 AM  
Blogger Anskiere said...

Love the WoW thread.

And I agree with Wargut, that might be fun ;p

8:51 AM  
Blogger jaipehg said...

Hah. I want to be in a vegitarian guild.

(In a random group)
"NOO! LET THE DEER GO!!!" /disband

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that link was amasing.Why doesn't EQ2 have any hot elf-on-elf action? I hate WoW, but i can appreciate good humor like that. that dwarf thinks fast...

Also excited about a veggie guild. What about evil halflings, gnomes and ratonga forming the Small but Deadly guild and biting people in the shins.

4:36 PM  
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