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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Play EQII!

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Yep, after trashing SOE's ad yesterday (they fixed that double "and" by the way), I feel it's my duty to spread the word and convince any readers who aren't currently playing EQII to do so. So, here's some reasons:

1. The Splitpaw Saga: If you're like me and you love exciting, event-filled quests, this is the place for you. SOE added some really high quality content with this adventure pack. You can read my review
here. Yeah, I know it costs a few dollars but it's a pretty reasonable price. I just think it took the zone design, npc dialogue, voiceover work and fun level up a notch. I love chilling with the gnolls in SP - they trust me.

2. Update Cycle: SOE has been very solid with pushing new updates out every few weeks. There is always something to look forward to and I have not seen any other company come close to the effort SOE puts in with the updates. You occasionally get some new content and even a live event in the mix.

3. Let Freedom Ring: Level 2 and want to go to Lavastorm? Go for it. There are no more level restrictions on zones. Felt constrained by the locked encounters system? That is being removed. You will soon be able to drop a heal on that poor lowbie who is about to get killed. Yes, I am not personally in favor of the locked encounter changes but I mention them here to appeal to those who like more freedom. You will also soon be able to rez out of group which I wholeheartedly support. Want to group with some lower level friends? You can go ahead and mentor down to their level.

4. Bye-bye to the Patron System: Now every member will be able to contribute and there will be less work in running a guild. There are also new and handy features in the guild window and I find web-based guild chat very useful.

5. Desert of Flames: The feature-packed expansion (including PvP) is on the way and even if you don't buy it you still get the added benefit of guild vaults.

6. Best Community Reps: If you don't think so, trying reading the dev posts on other games' forums (and that goes for other SOE games as well). We have the best.

7. Better Endgame than WoW: Yeah, I know, attacking WoW isn't that smart. They have 3 million reasons why they're the king. And I'm not even going to say that EQII is a better game than WoW. I think that's a matter of taste. What I will say is that the raid content is clearly superior in EQII. Believe it.

8. Choose your Playstyle: This is an issue where it's impossible to please everyone. But I think most rational people can agree that you can definitely enjoy EQII with either solo or group play.

9. Ease of Play: Things like out of zone invites, the mail system and clear item descriptions make gameplay more enjoyable. I'd also like to add here that I have only twice in all my time playing been unable to log onto the server. They had one bad weekend a long while back but honestly, the server record has been exceptional in my opinion. You may not think so, but I'm comparing it to other games with which I've "enjoyed" extended server downtimes and queues.

10. It's a Great Game: I've focused mainly on the additions since launch up until now but let me say in general that EQII is a great game. The zones are dramatic and well-crafted and the world is a detailed one that is steeped in lore. The combat is fun and HO's add a little spice to it. Some of the quests are just amazing. There is a lot of depth and complexity to EQII and it's the truest RPG-style game of any of the current MMORPG's I've played. I find the community to be terrific. The fact that I find EQII stuff to write about most days should be evidence of how rich and engrossing this game can be.

So play it! You don't want to miss out on an Aggro Me Friday Humor EQII in-joke do you? And feel free to jump in with any selling points I've missed in the comments section.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree will everything you have written. The game is getting better and better every update. Ive been playing SOE games for 5 years now. EQ2 with out a doubt is their best effort to date. Really lookin forward to the arena and new content coming out. Oh bye the way still waiting on your write up on flames. Well anyways I enjoy reading your blog..keep up the good work!

7:48 AM  
Blogger Karnatos said...

I'd been staying away from MMORPGs for a few years before EQ2 came out; even as I purchased the game on release day I was weary of what to expect. My past experiences with the genre left me rather displeased with the game play and fun-factor.

But I'm still playing today; I've hardly skipped a day that I've not jumped in and done something in-game, be it something as simple as checking out the market for spell upgrades or new equipment, or something as engrossing as getting involved in a large raid group, or traipsing across zones mowing down everything in sight with my guildmates.

I'm not even a hard core player; I've not even broken level 35 yet, but not because I find its a grind, I just find that the game's only goal is to be level 50 asap so that I can see and get the cool stuff. I'm currently only level 34 and I've already got cool stuff, and I've seen some very very cool stuff.

From the stories and lore the game offers, the mostly great voice acting on NPCs (some of them really crack me up), the range of quest types, guild writs, crafting (yeah, I don't mind it... maybe I'm ill), or just running about wacking down orcs because they be nasty beasts that to be taught a lesson... the game just keeps me interested day after day.

I keep telling myself when I get bored I'll drop the game, but honestly, I don't forsee that day coming any time soon.

Keep up the good work SOE, I applaud the efforts your team puts into the game.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous ell said...

Great list!

10:30 AM  
Blogger Karnatos said...

I wanted to correct an above mistake in my post:

"... I just find (mistake was here) that the game's only goal is to be level 50 asap so that I can see and get the cool stuff. I'm currently only level 34 and I've already got cool stuff, and I've seen some very very cool stuff."

What I meant to say is this: I do **not** (correction is here) find that the game's only goal is to be level 50 asap so that I can see and get the cool stuff. I'm currently only level 34 and I've already got cool stuff, and I've seen some very very cool stuff.

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Tock Antonia Bayle server said...

i like the community of players. there are far fewer d00dz out there than i would expect to find in a game like WoW, even amongst the non-RP folks on my RP-preferred server. for the most part, they are respectful of my desire to RP, and often play along with no problem.

i like the variety of day to day tasks in Norrath, and diversity of the character types you can create. I have four "mains" now, simply because there are so many tradeskill and adventuring professions, and i couldn't make up my mind which would be more enjoyable! the six character slots are great. my fifth and six slots are held by my storage mule and my evil Freeport character that i use to get away from the usual Qeynos crowd now and then.

i like that they'll be introducing PvP in a way that will let players compete against each other without making certain places inaccessible to the average player. this was a problem in my previous MMO, EVE Online, where 80% of the game was KOS Land, where players would frequently loose equipment in moments that would take weeks to replace.

i love the music, the immersion, the various environments. my very first exposure to the game was watching a friend's lowbie character creep through the Peat Bog at night. blew me away. the *Peat Bog*!

been hooked ever since. EQ2 is my MMO home now. i may peek into other games now and then, but EQ2 is where it's at for me!

11:37 AM  

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