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Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday Humor: EQII Definitions Returns!

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Yep, it's the return of my EQII definitions feature. This time, you'll find some reader contributions along with some more of my own. Without further ado:

Barbie: Someone who carries around two bags full of outfits so they can change clothes at will. i.e. "She's such a barbie...her outfit always matches the decor of the zone." (by Constance)

Mobstacles: Those non-aggro mobs that surround you when you are fighting to prevent you from using any of you AOE abilities. (by Tancread)

Puppydoggin': When someone in your group repeatedly informs you he's setting himself to follow another group mate for whatever reason they make up. Usually applied to someone you feel is just being too lazy to actually run, or to someone that repeatedly seems to go AFK while en-route to different areas. i.e. "That puppydoggin' guy almost got us killed, their follow stopped working and a mob popped next to him! Argh!" (by Karnatos)

Questshun: The act of finding a clickable item which opens a new quest, but declining it due to a full quest log. Then wondering if it was something you needed. (by Twodragons)

Invisiboob: Someone who constantly screws up a group stealth spell by falling too far behind or, even worse, by deciding to pick up a collection item or cast a buff.

The Fall Guy: A group member who is always falling into chasms or holes. i.e. "There's no way I'm ever going into Sol Eye with the Fall Guy again."

Buffparty: A painfully long buffing session before raids which goes on forever. i.e. "I have time to run to the store and back before this buffparty is over."

Spammy: A player who clutters raid chatter with paragraph long macros. Spammy is a close relation of:

Cronkite: A player who reports in group chat on every spell he or she casts, their damage numbers, and their mitigation and avoidance. Also breaks in with a special news bulletin every time their weapon procs.

Lagolas: Someone who blames "lag" every time they screw up.

Parsley: A player who only wakes up and casts spells after someone runs a damage parser.

Cramp: Camping with a twist - cramping occurs when the camp order is given on a raid that is going badly. With 2 or 3 seconds left on your camp countdown, the raid mob kills you and the camp countdown annoyingly continues to log you out.

Win-doh!: When your automatic spyware scanner starts running during the middle of combat throwing you into windowed mode.

Illusive: Used to describe a player who is always using illusion items or spells every time you see them, so you have no idea what they actually look like.

Biodiva: A player who lists every master spell they have in their bio. A list of completed heritage quests or highest damage scores also works.

Virtua-torch: Turning your gamma and brightness settings way up instead of using a torch.

You can find some more great reader-submitted definitions in
this thread on the Aggro Forums. Thanks to all who contributed.

And because I usually like to mix a humorous link in for you, here's one to an
Iron Chef/Everquest parody.


Blogger warm_machine said...

All of those are damned funny!!!

OMG, Cronkite keeps making me laugh. =D

11:26 PM  
Blogger Anskiere said...

Win-doh! could also be the act of accidentally hitting the dreaded windows key :P I know a few people who have actually removed that key from their keyboard to keep it from happenening :D

8:17 AM  
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