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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Beta Roundup

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Well the N.D.A. for the DoF Beta has been lifted.

Okay, yes, I am playing the Beta and have been for a few weeks. But, you are not going to get my impressions here yet. I've had some serious time constraints lately and I really want to play more before I give my opinion. Also, I've been unable to log into the Beta forum even though I am in the Beta. Seems like some others have also had this problem as you can see in
this thread or this one.

So, I will hold off my first hand impressions and review until I play some more.

But, don't fear, I am going to round up some Beta info for you:

Gamespy has a preview of the arena you can read here.

GameDaily put up a recent preview of the expansion. It's pretty positive in tone but there's not much new information.

Maj'Dul is a big city - check out
this map.

I know you all want to see some screenshots, so try
this thread or this one.

Curious about the creatures you can battle with in the arena? Check out
this thread for a list (though the pictures seem to be down).

Here are
some screenshots of level 50 spells.

If you are looking for more spell info, there is an attempt to consolidate it in
this thread.

Wondering about the new voice emotes feature? Check out the comments in
this thread.

You can check
here for a bunch of information on guild banks and here for the number of guild bank slots available per guild level.

If you want a preview of what I bet will be a somewhat controversial issue, check out
this thread for information on the quested carpet. Actually, the controversy has already started in this mounts thread.

A bit of faction info is available in
this thread.

Well, that's all for now. You can expect some more substantive comments on the expansion from me in the near future. If you happen to play the beta feel free to give your opinions or thoughts on it in the comments section or on the


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