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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Live Update 21

I didn't comment on this one when it was on test or when it was released. But I will now anyway.

I thought the release was probably the "sloppiest" I have seen thus far of a Live Update. There were problems with reviving and with pets. But okay, it was fixed quickly (although the servers came down and we were booted and locked out from a raid zone). And SOE's technical track record is pretty nice with EQII in my opinion. So let's move on.

Remember when I
complained about the comparison tooltips? It turned out that more people who commented on that post liked them then didn't. Okay, fair and I'm glad to hear it. But still, I think I had a point about being able to turn them off. Well, soon after a coder from SOE posted a way to turn them off with through a command or editing the .ini file. But now, even better, it's in the options. So those of us who like them and those of us who don't can all be happy.

One thing I'm not happy with in the Update is the change that auto-boots you from a Griffon, Carpet or Cloud if you don't move in 10 seconds. Why? Well, you all probably know about the cloud bug in KoS where you are on a cloud and you never move or only move after a long pause. And seriously, I'm amazed that it hasn't been fixed. But since it hasn't, let's make the best of it. At least before this Update a lot of times your cloud would eventually move if you stayed on it. Now you are booted. And I ended up having to travel to another island first to get to the one I wanted to get to.
Crazy. It was mildly annoying before. Now it is outrageous.

The zone reuse timers are absolutely fantastic. Not only a great idea but well implemented. The merchant changes were nice too. I also love the ranged auto-attack upgrade on my scout. The fixes to AA's seem cool as well.

Mentoring in PvP was taken out (except for instances) before this Live Update, but okay, since they put it in the notes I'll address it. You never realize how great something is until it's gone. I don't really mentor or, er mentee, much on PvE because the people I usually play with are all at or near the same level as I am. But in a more casual Guild like Aggroculture, lack of mentoring really killed our night when there were only a few on and the level range was varied. I completely understand there was an exploit (though I tend to think there is one on the PvE servers too). But fix the exploit and don't take out the whole system, if possible.
Blackguard says they are trying to get it back in, so that's something.

One change I'm ambivalent about is the group lotto results. It was fun to watch at first. But I think some game mechanics should be opaque and not transparent (I'd actually like to see a ton of other stuff be more hidden but that's for another time). Do you really need to see loot rolls? I can't figure out the rationale behind this change. Is it to satisfy the complainers who think they're somehow always getting the short end of the stick? Well, they will probably still complain. I don't dislike this one (I have the loot notes in my combat text window so I never really see them) but I don't really like it either.

For more comments
check Quylein if you haven't already.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is actually a change to the way lotto works. It used to roll from 1-6 based on group slot, whichever slot was closest won. But because of the rounding, the first and last slots had 1/2 the chance of the others to win. It's a moot point now, but still.

1:26 AM  
Anonymous Nazeroth said...

Mate the lotto bug where the first and last members of a group were getting an extremely poor chance was fixed a LONG time ago.
All this update does is show the lotto results, and i for one hate it. At first i thought it was pretty cool and was a good addition. But now its really quite annoying. If your killing things pretty fast you can get some serious 'lotto spam' and as far as i know its not possible to turn off.

Update 21 has really had no other impact on me, most additions were fixes and the fixes didn't all seem to go that smooth. I'm pretty 'meh' on this LU, to put it simply.

3:23 AM  
Anonymous elerrina said...

Any thoughts on the new merchant system that blocks you from buying low level ammo for pulling and CA only purpose, perls, odyssey stones, etc? Also it seems they introduced quite a few stealth nerfs with that patch regarding necro pets, defiler spells etc. and are refusing to comment so far.

Overall I am realy displeased with this patch, have not loged in since a day after

5:15 AM  
Blogger Krystalea said...

Don't know if you have noticed, or it could just be me, but they did add a filter for critical hits. Yay! But um, I can't get the filter to work properly. I don't my crits at all now, so unless I am paying attention to the mob and numbers flying above his head, I see don't get to see the big numbers. =(

And the lotto rolls. Was cool at first, but very annoying now. Need a filter on that as well. Just dont break it. =)

8:11 AM  
Blogger Anskiere said...

I have a seperate window just for my damage and wondered why some of my hits weren't showing up, until I realized it was the critical hits. The filter, however, did work for me, and I got them all in place where they should be.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Showing the lotto rolls elimates the possibility of some asshat saying he "accidentally" declined something that he wanted and getting another shot at it.

10:25 AM  
Blogger Teh Chunt said...

LU 21 was very sloppy. I couldn't move after revive (so I evaced, and that worked), and a few friends lost their arms, which was actually pretty funny. Bounty stopped working, but now it's fixed. Now I get 21 copper from watchers in FG. Woot!

The actual content of the update was okay. Nothing really game breaking. I'm curious about the "stealth nerfs" Defilers got, since I have a L13 I'm working on. Group lotto rolls are interesting. Suprising how many peeps roll on everything. Still, I like it, since it makes a little understood mechanic more transparent.

What's up with merchants? My fav sellback merchant is now an armor salesman, and every merchant seems to be giving me the same price on items. Are price differentials gone? As far as arrows, that would be upsetting. I don't like the idea of things not being available to buy because of level. If I want to buy a L60 hat at L10, why stop me?

One good story about LU 21. My L24 at the time assassin was headed to FG, when I saw a L32 zerker, goodie, just sitting at the respawn. Stealthed, I hid around the corner, peeping him. Odd, he wasn't moving. "wow", I thought, "he must be afk! not in my Commonlands!" So I creeped closer, and suddenly, I saw his life going down. Hmm... His life was slowly going down, back up (sweet zerker regen), then back down. Another commonlander was plucking this ripe apple. So I jumped in, hit the zerker with all my CAs, and he never ran. Just stood there and took it. After about a minute, and my life somehow at 70%, He died, and I got 195 status and my hunter title. Later, I found out about the revive bug, and it all made much more sense. I bet people everywhere were spawn camping like crazy that day. But hey, War is hell...

5:56 PM  

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