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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sandbox of Ryzom?

Wargut recently sent me a link to this interesting story on BBC News. It appears that Nevrax, the French creators of MMO Saga of Ryzom will be allowing the players to create quests and scenarios which will become part of the game. More info is available here.

" 1) The Adventures
Become Game Master for a thousands players! The « Adventures » are scenarios that you create on temporary maps that other players can join with a simple click of the mouse.

2) The Outlands
But the Ryzom Ring offers many more advantages than a simple editing tool. Beyond the “Adventures”, players will be able to create from scratch “Outlands”, new permanent regions of Atys..

3) Become Pioneer…
Behind this term is hidden a very particular status that only meriting players will obtain from Nevrax. At the beginning, all of a player’s creations will be temporary. But, by achieving “Pioneers” status, they can offer their creations (“Adventures” and “Outlands”) to the whole Ryzom community with any restriction.

4) Share
Editing as well as running a scenario can be realized in collaboration with other players very easily. Once the scenario is finished, you’ll be able to share it via the Ring website or to keep it for yourself or to destroy it. You’re the one who decides!

Sounds interesting. Player created content in MMO's has been discussed on this blog before (by Karnatos). I'll try to keep an eye on how this works out for Ryzom.


Blogger Karnatos said...

"Bravo!" I applaud the effort to bring this ability to players out there.

I'm sure anyone that reads the Aggro Me Forums, or has seen my comments regarding this topic in gaming knows that I feel this will eventually become the next big thing in MMO games.

I can envision that providing such tools to players will allow for game titles to generate a larger following, a stronger sense of belonging to the world, which in turn will generate more loyal customers to a given title.

Imagine MMOs where you could forge your own quests for your guild;

Does your guild have a nemesis player, or guild? Then task them with bringing their head to you for membership into your owjn guild.

How about a game where you could create your own dungeon crawler that promises gold and gems beyond the players wildest dreams... but for every player that dies you get a portion of their dropped loot to add to your evil schemings.

OK, so your not into the whole evil-thing... I can respect that; perhaps the town you are trying to build is being overrun by feral wolves! Reward passers-by for aiding in the extermination of the wild beasts... and allow them to disvocer the wolven-raids on yuor town are spear-headed by a lycanthropic madman with a bloodlust for squishy humans!

The ideas are endless, and these examples are simplistic... but with the right tools, and the ability to generate quests, stories, and eventually entire environments, for players to experience I envision what existed 10 years ago as the budding FPS MOD community moving to the living worlds of future MMOs... where the amateur game creaters of tomorrow can join in with the world-building process with game makers themselves. They'll have the oppotunity to blaze their own trails and garner recognition in the gaming community, and those serious enough to want it may even be able to land their dream job of working for a gaming company on gaming titles.

As I said, Bravo Nevrax... I hope the community around your game embraces the tools and builds upon the gaming world you've provided them.

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem here is that the underlying engine is just kind of meh. It's a UO-style "use skill to level", but all the "abilities" you unlock beyond the newbie levels are basically "Do Last Thing But Better N+1".

The net result is that it's very easy to burn out before you see enough of the world to actually decide what you want to do in it.


2:45 PM  
Blogger Karnatos said...

That may be so- I personally have never played the game... nor do I know much about it. But for any company to put the effort forth to bring modding to the MMO world is a good step forward.

I hope that other gaming titles/houses follow suite in the future- making user-created content a forthought rather than an afterthought, and make the game-building an aspect of the game itself.

5:51 PM  
Anonymous Van Hemlock said...

Sounds suprisingly well thought out actually - particularly the idea of Nevrax-monitored 'Pioneer' status.

Posiibly they're making a rod for their own back with the commitment to keep that kind of review program going, along with the enevitable bitter calls of favouritism.

But as anyone who has spent any real time in Second Life, or on the NWN Module circuit will know, signal-to-noise ratio in this kind of sandbox can be pretty low, so some kind of quality control is a must.

5:09 AM  
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