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Friday, September 29, 2006

EQII: Tip of the Cap

Back in April, I wrote this post on mage skills in EQII. At the time, I said it was an introduction to a post I intended to write concerning the "relative triviality of gear improvement for int-capped max-level mages." I never did write that post. And now I don't have to.

But to briefly summarize my original concern: A big part of an item-centric game like EQII is the thrill of getting new gear. In fact, when you're at max-level and have all your Achievement's, that's pretty much your sole motivation (besides the social aspect). And it's always cool to try on new gear and see how it looks. But as a wizard, I could never get too excited about some super awesome item drop on a raid. Because no matter how good the numbers on the item were, I was already at the cap and it wouldn't really affect my gameplay. I wasn't hitting mobs any harder and my contribution on raids was pretty much exactly the same. Taking away that motivation for gear made the game as a whole less exciting. Obviously, other classes had similar issues. I was giving you an example for the class I'm familiar with.

Because I felt that way, I was pretty excited to see those concerns
being addressed by a variety of changes to the way caps work. Gallenite explains things better than I did and there's definitely more to it then I've discussed so go read it yourself.

As always, I have to see how things work in their final version. And this change will really only affect a small segment of the population. But for those it does affect, I think it is an important and positive step in the right direction.


Blogger Anskiere said...

Preach it! So hard to get excited about gear when anything over the 510int was just.. "wow.. great... and it does nothing at all for me" (other than buffer for when you switch out some main gear to resist gear, but even then, you get a fury with Vim on you or something...)

I am excited about being able to raise my cap. The thing that worries me a bit though is that it's raised a -lot-. 510 to 1070.. whew!
But... does that mean that if I stay at my 510ish I will be doing the same damage I am now when the cap raises? Or will I be doing less damage because my int isn't capped? Hmmm...

And I imagine that EoF is going to be full of gear with even LARGER stat bonuses. Sure it will be harder to get the cap, but in all honesty I figure it'll still be pretty attainable when EoF has been out for a while. Ah well.. time will tell.

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this is a HUGE change! This won't just affect a small segment of players, but rather most players. Raiders now have some more work to do to cap out mitigation! Avoidance tanks actually might have a shot at tanking raids (so start grabbing your gear all you brawlers)! Healers (mainly druids) who capped wisdom so easily and began diversifying stats, and possibly picked AA lines for spell crits or melee and got stat gear to support that now have to rethink their entire playstyle!

And thats just the beginning, it starts making some spells that were useless before (such as defense buffs) useful again! I think this might be just the thing for EQ2!

5:34 PM  

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