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Monday, December 11, 2006

Hasten Bootstrutter's True Travels in Norrath: Part II

Enchanted Lands

23rd Day of Grayeven

When did the Halflings become so angry? I thought they were cheery, chubby folk? They think they’ve had troubles….


4th Day of Stargazing

Kegs upon kegs of Jum Jum Juice. Taverns and inns all around. But not one single public restroom. Sometimes I hate my life.


11th Day of Weeping

There was a gnoll here who was telling a long story about some guy named Harclave. I slept through most of it but then the gnolls kicked me out. They said they didn’t trust me. I don’t blame them. By this point, I probably smell worse than a Mucus Zombie.

The Arena

13th Day of Weeping

Finally, a nice quiet place to sleep.


20th Day of Blossoming

There’s an Ogre in Big Bend who makes the best Taquitos. I don’t want to know what the ingredients are but they are so tasty I just don’t care.

Tenebrous Tangle

11th Day of Oceansfull

Sure, I’m a brave traveler. But if you think I’m jumping off a really high waterfall from one floating island to another just to talk to some Frogloks, you’re crazy. I don’t plan on getting on any flying clouds either. Ever notice that most of the people who live here have wings? Take the hint.

Nektropos Castle

3rd Day of Scorchedsky

I met this fantastic woman today. She’s not only beautiful but she’s apparently from a wealthy family. Her name is Alexa Everling. She says I should meet her in the basement tonight for some “experiments!” Hehe, sounds saucy. Things are really starting to turn around for old Hasten!

Nektropos Castle

4th Day of Scorchedsky

Okay, Alexa tried to kill me and turn me into a zombie.

Stay tuned for the mildly thrilling conclusion...


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The Arena

13th Day of Weeping

Finally, a nice quiet place to sleep.


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