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Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday Humor: Roses are Red...

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Credit for this Friday Humor goes to Karnatos from the Aggro Forums. He started us off with some Roses are Red, Violets are Blue style EQII poems and we rolled with it.

By Karnatos

That mob cons Red
This one cons Blue
To get next Ding faster
Which mob should I do?
I'm level 50
and never been fed.
If I'd known about eating
I wouldn't be dead!
"But Gnolls are not food...",
the little pup cried.
"If you live near Qeynos,
you'll end up stir-fried."
I hate Brian Nichols!
His voice makes me sick!
I'd love to kill him,
even at ^^^ 8xEpic

Antonia, in person,
she isn't so hot.
I betrayed Qeynos to meet her,
t'was worth it I'd thought.

But now that I've met her,
I'm no longer in lust.
Now to find
Anna Wainscoat...
... I will meet her, I must!

By Warm Machine

Nagafen is red,
Venekor is not.
It doesn't really matter,
their breath is still hot!
Lady Vox is a bit frigid,
but Nagafen is one scaly playa.
Want to come on down baby,
and see what's in my lair?
Ladon lives in Antonica,
and he's kind of bitter.
It's because no one visits him,
since he's not pick of the litter.
Run kitty, run!
What's your hurry?
Oh, nevermind.
You're a SoW, SToW, and PoC stacked Fury!
I sit here in this dungeon,
slowly growing older.
It wouldn't be so bad,
if I knew which one was the place holder.

By Yours Truly

Why bother to taunt?
It's a bother I bet!
Just go AFK-
I love XP Debt!
This group's going places!
All storms can we weather,
But, um, just in case
Better hand out the feathers.
I love the chat
In channel double-O C
"Where is Hwal?"
"Please PL Me!"
The changes came in-
To the Forums I surfed
5,000 threads for the win:
Rough Rubies are Red
Ebon Clusters are Black

Hope you enjoyed our mini-poems. This was actually just a selection - feel free to pop by the thread for more. Of course, you're more than welcome to join in with some of your own.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG Funny Stuff, Keep the friday stuff coming

10:49 AM  
Blogger Twodragons said...

Your humor is funny
And all of it clean.
Too bad I got coffee
All over my screen.

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep keep a stiff upper lip and keep them laughing as you go(as the python use to say).
But the stark reality is this..pops
were low on most servers before the CU.Now dont get me wrong the CU is fine IF they would have had it this way when the game went live.
But nope in there infinite wisdom they let us all play killing stuff and feeling like heros for close to a year and now what?
Good luck doing your subclass quest
and good luck doing your AQs..But ya say Hey just find a group!!!
The game is not bringing in enuff new players to support that.
Wow=1 Billion,EQ2 =450,000 or so.
Look at the numbers they dont lie.
What kina game to most want to play?
Theres only one reason I think they made it harder.So they could go well were not a easy game anymore were going more for the hardcore crowd.Well 1 EQ1 is still more hardcore than EQ2 will ever be.2 Vangaurd is coming out and says upfront what it will be.
So were does that leave EQ2?
The pops are horrid on most servers unless your on a RP one soo as a new player good luck getting your quests upgrades and spell upgrades that are so important now.
Just waht the heck was SOE thinking you had a game that even though wasnt the most played and changed it into something you players have to struggle to relearn.
But hey I did see in this patch that they made the 1st few Spitpaw lvls more solo friendly.
And as a side not,I see your getting from swag from SOE Aggro,please,please too become another Moortard..we need a place to vent.

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All spelling errors stay in for the above post.
So it gives ya a out.Cant be true
she didnt spell things right..right?
oh one more thing Id like a report on how the betrayl quests for anyone cuaght in the middle if it during the CU upgrade.
No fanboi stuff saying no probs at all.Been playing this game since live unless you were in a guild that was helping your alt,just want to see someone playing a froggie and wanted to become evil.

7:52 PM  
Anonymous Tock Antonia Bayle said...

can't stand whiners. :)

the poems were hillarious. good selections! for some reason, the last one struck my funny bone more than any of the others. who hasn't AFK BIO BRB'ed in their groupsay?

as for me, i'm off to the Peat Bog to find a lowbie to mentor down to so i can relearn my class. :) i'm sure i'll be fine after a while. just gotta scrap everything i think i know, and try this new stuff out. i'm not gonna let some changes get in the way of me and my favorite game ever. :D

7:41 PM  
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